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[DUEL] fgsxdm2

[Unnamed Map]fgsxdm2_a1
[Image: 555dd1c4319e6d84b4ffd19d8f82952566fcaa8e...da734g.jpg]

Description: The map is currently a vertical dual atrium map with some rooms connected off to the side meant for 1on1 game mode. The concept is 2 main armors (1 in each atrium) with a mega health in the middle of the map on the lowest level. There is one main dual way tele that would be considered the control tele.

What I'm look for from alpha testers currently:
- Weapon item placements. Currently I've only worked out the main concept but I'm not sure where to place weapons. I'm waiting to place small pickups like ammo/health once I get the weapons / main armor item concepts worked out.
- Connectivity / Flow critiques
- I would like to include the nex gun in this map is it possible without ruining gameplay?
- Scale. Map too big / small?
- Is the map too linear?
- Will the map layout work for xonotic or should I just scrap it?

What not to worry about:
- Brushwork / Texture / Lighting problems. This is just the skeleton of the map before I do any sort of detailing.
- Player spawn locations

I'm pretty much relying on feedback before I continue on so would love to hear back from the community!

Latest build:fgsdm2_a1.pk3
Older builds:none

...did the map only have one respawn location ??

hm - pretty few for a duel map ...

GreetZ Su

maniac|Su: pls, read first post. Smile About the map:

The connectivity seems good, although not so good in the upper floor.

I would suggest nex placement above the mega armor (from the screenshot).

Flow is not so good imo, you should try moving around your map very fast. I accidentaly bump into many obstacles and strange brushes sticking out (like near mega health). Every time you bump into sth, minimalize your xonotic, open netradiant and fix the brush. Try to make it more smooth (not neccesarily patches).

Scale seems just fine for duel, although I haven't been playing for a while so you should ask some pro players instead.

The staircase close to slime sucks a bit, and its much faster to get ther from the other side, using laser. also: Slime should have some depth.

Make platforms from upper floors (like the one mega armor from screenshot is on) more slim.

Keep your work on this map, do some visuals and try to create a style for it. Then I will have more feedback for ya.

bumping with a little texturing / lighting style test.
[Image: 50a03c9702d5ef3b7f061dd1e3e938230f357f53...27894g.jpg]

I like the layout, its size is nice and the map offers some vertical action as well. It seems to be very complex while having 3 big rooms and some little ones. I only had a quick run through the map, but this is what I can say so far:

- About the weapon placements: I would suggest to just place all the items and weapons (including a nexgun, I'd say) where you think they could fit the best. After some playtests there should be enough feedback on this so you can make changes.
- Connectivity / Flow: The flow of the map isnt the best, thats true. But still, I would not change this as long as there is noone who really complains about this. It can also be good that one cant run through a map and all of its rooms in 2 or 3 seconds. The connectivity of the rooms seems to be quite nice so far, there are plenty of possibilities to run from one room to another.
- The maps size is a bit bigger than a lot of the maps available (which is not necessarily bad). I think it just offers enough free space for the defensive player to hide/stack up. Dont change the size unless its really unbalanced.

I would just wait for some playtests and suggestions from duelers until the next big layout changes.

Some things I would change/suggest:
[Image: ext10890.png]
From this point, one can easily shoot at both positions (which are directly connected). It might be a brush-problem and it isnt necessarily a big problem. The little room at the right side feels a bit weird. Dont remove this room yet but make it somehow useful.
[Image: ext10891.png]
You will bump your head against this, it should be removed.
[Image: ext10893.png]
The little room I was talking about above. If you really make the slime deeper, one will most likely not be able to laserjump out of it. A bad laserjump/jump would most likely kill yourself.
[Image: ext10892.png]
I dont think this armor has a good position. While it perfectly fits into the room, its too close to the mega health which is pretty much below it. You could probably make it a 50A.
[Image: ext10894.png]
This room lacks something useful as well. The nexgun could be placed in this room even though its very open (which can be bad/good).
[Image: ext10896.png]
A corridor with 4 or 5 connections. This is somehow a overkill IMO. Dont change this unless it has a bad influence on a duel.
[Image: ext10897.png]
I'm not sure about this jumppad. You could break up the wall at the right side and build a little corridor then so one will jump up at the right side of the stairs (I hope you get what I mean here).

Gonna scrap it. I'm just not a fan of the dual atrium design and there a lot of problems with it that I've found.

Don't scrap it; dual atrium designs are common of duel maps (Dismemberment), and it's good to try smth different.

The only thing you really need to fix is the flow. Bunnyhop through; you should be able to get to 80% of area of the map without losing a lot of speed.
Even better, add some tricks; look at fe26 (it's ok if you can't do this, it is already a pretty small map, fe26 is big, but tricking reduces the size by increasing maneuverablility)

Place hotly contested weapons like the Nex/Rocket in open areas so people fight for them, like where Debugger suggested. Or you could do the opposite; put them in tight areas where people can shoot players coming out (you would have to "pay for the reward")

Spam weapons can be placed in an area with a lot of view/room with a lot of entrances+exits, to spam said entrances.

I agree with debugger, the Mega's are too close together; a player could get an insanely tight chokehold on this map in duel with that layout. Fix


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