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Could someone teach me high poly modelling?

I've tried hard, but I can't really get higher than a few thousand tris in blender. Please post if you can teach me!

i'm currently working through a lot of the tutorials here:

if you just want millions of tris i can do that : P

I think that every modeller would like to have that, but if you want to too make bulky Xonotic-unsuitable models here are some tips:

1. If you wan to make smooth, press [w] in editing mode([TAB] to go to editing mode, pressing it again second time will get you into the previous mode you were in). "Specials" menu will appear near your mouse. Selecting "Subdivide Smooth" will divide all edges, and smooth them out. In the Tool Shelf [t] you can specify the amount of cuts.

2. The model I have made consisted of curves for most of it. Curves are handy to make wires and other alike things. Lets say we want to make a wire, which is hanging from a gun. First, add a Curve>Path(I find paths to be the most suitable for this). Go to Edit mode, and give it the shape you want. Next, add a Curve>Nurbs Circle. It is going to be our bevel object. Select you first path, go to Object Data in the Properties window. Under Geometry, you should see Bevel Object field. Click on it and select NurbsCircle from the list that appears. Now you might like to scale the circle, change its shape to fit your needs, and so on. You can also change the thickness of shape while editing the path. Select a point, and change Radius in Transform section in Properties Shelf[n]. The above method create a LOT of polygons.
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

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