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Xonotic Quick Cup #24 (3v3 CTF)

Quote:PS: Its not called Saptium btw. Its Spatium and that means 'Space' in Latin
I thought it was from german word "spaten" Big Grin
Cortez666, where is your arguments, why this maps should be removed?
<machine> dude, i know i suck Smile
<OHSNAP! Mossepo> but you dont like finko-suck, u have potential to be good
Diomedes: Finko: You are the most intelligent guy in this community.

(01-17-2013, 01:07 PM)Cortez666 Wrote: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

seriously remove bluez vs redz and Saptium

I would highly appreciate less troll posts. I know you've been around for a long time here now, but that is still no reason to troll so much. It also does not make you immune in any way.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

Is there a team I could join? Anyone who wants to participate and doesn't signed in yet wants to play with me?

PS. The new version of Spatium (improoved visual and style wise will be avaliable in two/three days)

(01-11-2013, 03:43 AM)kojn^ Wrote: If Justin will play and can get UnknownNF also then will play for some fun.

? Big Grin

Jesus...if Justin could read he'd be dangerous! Big Grin

Justin message me on IRC.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


New version with improvements and Archer's music is ready:


Maps thread:

deathmatchers will play
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Can I still join, do I need a team to play?

Be there at Sunday with 2 other guys! Tongue

If I get sound working I'll be there, I don't have any VoIP or such though.

Good games.

1. OHSNAP! - Mossepo, Smilecythe, thimoshia
2. MikuShell - atn, waterlaz, shogun assassin
3. Unconnected - asyyy, Debugger, Mirio
4. NoName - Hot Dog, BlaXpirit, machine
5. Nubz - Jack O'Neill, Sless, Antares, lda17h
6. The Losers x3 - Samual, ai, Justin
7. OK Losers - FOXYjouk, [TNT]stdi, cracker
8. Combat Folk - Finko, Draelor, mazzarini
9. PsyX - SpiKe, Pendulla, Archer

Thank you guys again for organizing the cup. It was fun Big Grin
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?


I didn't play... It was my b-day and I had less time available than I thought, sorry.
[Image: 4766.png]
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