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Model seam bleeding

Hi. I'm working on a mod using the Xonotic codebase as a source and I noticed on my perfectly seamed models that when I move away from them in Xonotic the seams start bleeding. It seem to be because of loss of precision of the texture map as it mipmaps and the normalmap edges bleed out over the seams creating artifacts.

Anyone else noticed anything like this, and what (if anything) did you do to deal with it?

here you can see an example of the problem:

ps, in the shot you can also see some smoothing issues in seams between regular brushes and bezier patches.

Well. I fixed the worst of it. I just had to apply a thicker border around the UV patterns. It's not perfect but I doubt it is something anyone will notice while playing now though.

Ahh, interesting, care to share more about the project?

Edit: someone picking up engine development is really what Xonotic needs Wink

this is only way to deal with this problem, not only in darkplaces but in every other engine, there are some AAA games that don't have enough pixel padding and you can see ugly seams, for example at the back of bald heads Smile

OT: pretty musculine stuff there on the image Tongue
[Image: 561.png]
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