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Poll: Is VR something for Xonotic?
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[SUGGESTION] Oculus VR Rift support

I'll have the dev kit either at the end of this week or by next week.

I can imagine it would be quite nice for movies and such (gaming movies), creating new and exciting possibilities (being able to see the action all around you).

I'll post my thoughts about the unit once I've had a play around with it.
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You're in for a treat, I love my dev kit and can't wait for the consumer version. If you're not already a subscriber, check out the r/oculus subreddit on Reddit as it's a fantastic resource for games and demos and experiences and news. Enjoy your dev kit!

Just got it today. Just came off it literally just now (I'm still in my boxer shorts!), bloody weird! Going to try it with my glasses on, feels a little jerky for me but could be the fps.
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* tZork sees, for his inner eye, kojn dressed only in boxers and a opace scuba mask strapped to his face..

thanks for that mental image xD

Make sure you have your inter pupillary distance configured in the oculus Config tool, and it'll require some adjustment to not be blurry and find the sweet spot. Minecrift VR is amazing on the rift, well worth the setup.
Also, it takes a few hours of being in the rift to acquire your rift legs so that it doesn't feel too weird... Give it some time, don't overdo it and make yourself nauseous...

The rift would probably give a whole new interesting experience to looking at the Xonotic bot orchestra. Tongue

I nearly bought minecraft last night to try it on the rift. My only worry for me is whether or not it will run at 60fps with the rift for me. I tried space engineers with tridef, even though I feel with tridef the scale feels a bit out, my ship was huge, I did have about 15fps only though mind you with the rift!

Got a lot more used to it, my first time round I was able to use it for a few hours straight before I felt nauseous a bit, feel fine with it now. Dreadhalls makes me jump lol.

tZork, my pleasure for the mental image Wink
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Take a wild guess how the Japanese approached this device

Mod notice: NSFW (yeah, what else...)

Wow almost 20 years since Atari Jaguar VR headset and the tech in still in its infancy for consuckers.
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My screen stopped working last night..less than 14 days since I've had it! E-Mailing support to see what they say!
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Well there's one way to kill a promising product
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I almost consider the project dead now. Hopefully this one will gain popularity.

Oh wait.


Icculus seem to be working on Oculus support in Darkplaces (the engine Xonotic uses).

This isn't really a question for Xonotic, but for Darkplaces... since the engine itself will need to implement this. Xonotic only has to add a menu setting for it afterward.

That said, I absolutely support this! DP should have support for VR headsets... which doesn't include just the rift, as the implementation will hopefully be generic.

To a good extent, this should already be possible too; The head tracking system is detected as any optical device (mouse / touchpad), so it should work out of the box. As for stereoscopic rendering, r_stereo_sidebyside might already do the trick. It doesn't crush each image into an oval lens-like shape mind you, but might be enough to get Xon working on any VR headset.

Seems like the Occulus Facebook acquisition and the lack of Linux support on all platforms so far has all but killed the VR enthusiam in the open-source world...

But to my surprise Google's Cardboard works much better than expected and is making some good progress (3D audio recently added to SDK etc.). With the right Smartphone and cheap head-set combination (the real cardboard is also nice, but not hands-free) you can get a pretty decent experience similar to Samsungs GearVR.

And... it looks like someone ported Darkplaces over to it:

Which makes it likely that Xonotic will also work with a bit of tinkering, as the previous Darkplaces Android port which this is based on also worked more or less.

But I agree that Xonotic in VR probably isn't the best experience, but it might be fun to try Wink

Edit: This video actually works with a Cardboard, so you can get an idea how Quake looks in real 3D VR (minus the head-tracking though, unlike those interesting VR nature documentary videos you can find on ****hub :p). Pretty awesome and I would love to see the same for Xonotic.

After searching a bit I found the github of the GearVR port and it includes a Android subdirectory... not sure if that's it (probably not as GearVR also uses android of course, but who knows):

Ok I purchased the App and mirrored the code here if anyone is interested in it for developing:

Please support the original creator by purchasing it if you just want to play it:

Performance is probably not good enough for Xonotic though (have not tried it yet). Quake1 runs at only 25-30FPS on my Asus Zenphone2, which is probably one of the faster VR compatible smartphones right now.
The problem is that a 1080p screen is sort of required for VR (I tried a 720p screen and it is barely ok also, but not really enjoyable), and the game has to be rendered from two angles for the 3D effect. In addition you don't really want choppy head movement, so a high framerate >60fps is really preferable.

But maybe the port could also be optimized a bit further? I wasn't overly impressed by the performance of the original Android QI4A port either.

Edit: Ok I played around with it a bit, but Xonotic fails to start (crashes the app) right now. I have a keyboard connected to my mobile now, but the "W" and "S" keys seem to have been hard-remapped to up and down, so using the console is a bit limited by words without those letters...
After optimizing the settings a bit, Quake1 runs great though. The 25fps mentioned above are at default settings and ("512" VR resolution what ever that exactly is), but it turned out that is pretty much max settings in Darkplaces regarding real time lights etc. So after reducing them a bit I get pretty playable 40fps or so quite stable in Quake1.

Might be able to run Xonotic in VR on DaydreamVR:

Or GearVR (Occulus Go?):

On Oculus Quest, also uses the Darkplaces engine:

(08-20-2019, 03:58 PM)poVoq Wrote:
On Oculus Quest, also uses the Darkplaces engine:

Okay, finally installed sidequest and very glad that I did. Awesome tool, seriously!

And experiencing Quake in 6DoF VR is unreal. It‘s like... stepping into a world I only saw through a window in my youth. Difficult to describe, but it‘s intense! Truly amazing, thank you so much for this!

Just wanted to point out: Until there's real VR support (eg: head tracking) I recently put together a script that enables Xonotic to run on any stereoscopic display. All you need is to allow your OS to mirror the screen on your VR headset like any monitor... Windows hides those by default so that part may take some hacking. Once you can mount your headset as a standard display however, and have the image properly rotated and each half showing on each eye, see this thread for my VR mod configs:

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