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How about 2v2tdm league?

I have an idea, lets make a 2v2tdm legue with 2-3 divisions.
Why 2v2tdm:
1. easy to make team
2. we have a lot good maps for 2v2tdm (stormkeep, breath, imprisioned, opium, pluvail and maybe 2-3 more)
3. division system, that means noobs not be raped by skillz0rs.
Im not good in organization, so if quick cup admins team make this idea possible, it will be awesome Tongue
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Suggested a similar thing for duel also, last time talked about it was with Antibody/asyyy some time ago. Would be nice to see it implemented for 2v2 or duel.
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Good idea, would be nice to see beginners / mids / highskills leagues Big Grin

More divisions = Shorter seasons
3 divisions sounds good for a start.
I guess last 2 teams should go down and best 2 teams go up. Maybe Last-3rd and 3rd of lower division could play a deciding match.

Shorter seasons are better for some reasons:

- (Probably) less raping
- Teams would have to confirm for next season, so line up changes are possible and inactive ones drop out
- In long cups (1v1 Tourney, Nations Cup) people tend to become inactive pretty fast
- Mappool can change each season (i.e. with votings like at Quick Cups) - would suggest Bo3 matches

Maybe 1 month = 1 season? Should be enough time to play like 4-5 matches.

EDIT: A similar system would work for Duel too of course and I would like to administrate both. Wink

Possible to run it similar to Q2's EDL? (European Duel League).

So different divisions, after each played each other once, top 4 for example play in like a playoff sytem (bo5) so its like 2 semi finals then a final and 3rd place playoff?

Either way look forward to see a start of a league.
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