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Two Minsta 1on1 matches - XXX vs Smilecythe (with my commentary)

So, dropping in yet an another video being the creatorsaurus and a bored bastard that I am. This time we have a Minsta 1on1 with me versus XXX as well as me commentating random stuff. I might be stepping on to Antibody's territory a bit here, but worry not the goal here is completely different. And it's not even your avarage traditional commentary. I mainly talk about the community, some minsta tactics, minsta players and even something about myself. Please try to stick around with me a little longer, I'm on a streak of video spam here and I still got my Minsta fragmovie and (maybe) Defrag video coming up after this, both for my own amusement of course. More you watch the video the more you figure out why the f***? and for who this video was directed to. It has some nasty language you might find offensive so prepare yourself mentally before watching and enjoying it.

All songs wiggling in the background by TISM:
-If You're Not Famous At Fourteen
-Whatareya (Yob or wanker?)
-(There's gonna be) Sex tonite

You sound like a robot. But funny vid.

Yeah I guess it turns out like that when I talk a bit loudish.

Here's what I sound like when I'm drunk and creative with some lil effects:

I hope you won't mind, I removed the embed and added a NSFW tag to your link.

so many LOLs, I like the style of your videos , some good insights on how to play minsta 1v1, keep it up man
[Image: 1328.png]

Obscenity as stylistic device is most effective if used in homeopathic dosage, though. Imho.

Apart from that, very entertaining :o)
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Darth Smilecythe!
<machine> dude, i know i suck Smile
<OHSNAP! Mossepo> but you dont like finko-suck, u have potential to be good
Diomedes: Finko: You are the most intelligent guy in this community.


Hey, you're not treading on my turf at all. I don't have a monopoly on the commentaries! Good job.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Your style is just what i like! Funny, intelligent but sometimes deliberately dum and amusing Smile You should start a serious YouTube channel because you are a hard&heavy version (not a copy) of some cool game commentators/reviewers/whateverers... Also the review of that racing game crap - epic. Thumbs up!
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