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New Translation Website! (Help translate the game!)

Actually Pootle is quite broken at the moment anyway, last time I tried to work on migrating/merging back with master, it refused to update/merge against templates and... *sigh*...

Basically, it looks like i'm going to have to do a LOT of manual work for it at this point. Don't be expecting any new languages until at least probably 0.8 unless some miracle happens where it magically works again.

I tried logging in just now. The site returned a 503 error.

Pootle has always been a broken piece of junk. I've always recommended Transifex instead.

I remember in an older version of Pootle where I submitted a translation after editing the file offline using the fantastic Virtaal editor by the same developer, and this not only returned an error, but also corrupted the file on the Pootle instance. The translation was lost forever and had to be redone from scratch.

Therefore, if you want to make translating the game easy, I suggest you use a different service. Preferably a hosted one. I know of two fantastic ones.

The first is, which is where translation of MediaWiki (Wikipedia, Wikia, et al), OpenStreetMap and several other notable projects take place. They are always accepting new projects, but be warned; they require a significant amount of commitment. On the plus side, their pool of translators is highly skilled; I'd wager that the majority consists of Wikipedia editors, and they are used to translating articles from one language to another.

The second is Transifex, which is not curated. I list my translation credentials there if anyone's interested. Like Translatewiki, its translation interface is far superior to Pootle's. Smile It also makes it easier to get started with for a translator in my opinion. Translatewiki requires translators to write a message to the moderators listing what languages you can translate to and from. This enforces no such restrictions, and honestly, I don't think it reduces the translation quality whatsoever.

That's my 2 cents. Drop Pootle, look for an alternative. Unless you want translators to send pull requests directly to the git repository, which is probably not going to happen. Wink (it's too much for most people)

Uhm, next time before switching to a new site post a message here, mmkay. I thought someone was tired of answering same questions over and over again.


Good idea, i will help kammy to translate some spanish strings.
[Image: 9074.png]

Oh i see Serbian is already there as an option. I'll get to it asap. Don't know when it will be finished with baby on it's way tho.

Edit: it is faster than i thought so, i should finish fairly fast. Although i have to deal with some words that are too long or sound stupid in serbian lang.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

I need to ask if i should translate some parts of the strings like: ''Automatically fixed wrong/missing panel numbers in _hud_panelorder''. Should i translate the ''_hud_panelorder'' part? Mz guess is i should leave it as it is because it looks like something that will not work if i translate it.
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

Don't translate cvars! Tongue

Do i look like someone that knows what a cvar is? Thanks for your reply Smile
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

the translation to bulgarian language is done using the 0.6 data file and translating the missing strings.
Revision is required!

(08-23-2014, 09:02 AM)set_killer Wrote: Hello,
the translation to bulgarian language is done using the 0.6 data file and translating the missing strings.
Revision is required!

Thank you very much, we will try to get it into the game as soon as possible.

set_killer, any reason you didn't use the 0.7 data file?

Quote:Some strings have prefixes which help you know the context of the string... For example, say there is a listbox in the menu which controls effects settings, we can add a prefix into the translatable string for each item in the list like this: "PREFIX^translatable text". In the case of effects, we can do: "EFFECTS^Low", "EFFECTS^Medium", and "EFFECTS^High", and you can then know the context of the Low/Medium/High translation easily. When forming the final translated string, REMOVE THE PREFIX AND THE ^ SYMBOL. However, be careful not to confuse these with color codes or intentional placements of ^. If in doubt, read the code, context sensitive lines of code which use this prefix idea will have a ZCXT() wrapper around the whole string, giving you a good clarification as to how to proceed.
I don't think original strings need such prefixes. Some people won't read this thread, so in result some translations could be broken. Transifex already has similar built-in function:
Also you can use "Comments" section to let people know where every string came from.

As german is already there completely, i can't do anything sadly.
[Image: 22172.png]

The deadline for inclusion for 0.8 release of new translations is Sunday, 4th January 2015.
But you guys should of course still keep translating for our upcoming releases!

divVerent Wrote:Hi everyone,

we soon want to release Xonotic 0.8. We are not going to add any new strings till the release.

Please try to finish the translations till 4th of January, as we're trying to bring out the release shortly after.


Rudolf "divVerent" Polzer

I finally have some time on my hands so i'll be continue working on the PT (Portuguese) translation.


Hi! I wanna translate Xonotic to Brazilian Portuguese(pt-BR). I know i already requested it on the project page, but i accidently requested for English as well...My bad Tongue Delete that one, please.
EDIT: Just saying that i already started working on the Brazilian localization through the game files.

I'm working on the Romanian translation.
Please come to the IRC channel as I have some question that need answering.

TropiKo: you can ask your question here if there's no one to help in IRC Smile

I've translated from 47 to 58% yesterday but the changes do not show in game. At first a few of them did (like a handful of strings). How can I test it properly?

And another thing:
How do I go about translating stuff like SOC^kills or ^3rank^7 Player rank
I've translated in between ^3___^7 is that fine?

I am gonna do the whole thing and proofread but I need to know this first.
The updates appeared on transifex.

Thanks for letting me know about your reply, I had missed it.

I can't really help with transifex unfortunately, I've never touched it. Is it supposed to show up in the game at all? From my understanding, you're providing translations on the website only, without touching your game files.

The ^3 and ^7 are color codes. Keep them as they are and translate inbetween Smile


The strings that you translate on Transifex are not automatically synced to Xonotic. It's up to the devs, I think they update translations before new Xonotic releases.

But if you wish to test your translations in-game, you can do it by:
- downloading the latest romanian translation file from Transifex (select common.pot then click on "Download for use")
- renaming it to
- moving it into your Xonotic user data directory (~/.xonotic/data/ on Linux).

The next time you start the game, the new translation file will be used Big Grin

About your other questions, the first post of this thread contains the answer:

To sum it up: keep ^3 and ^7 as they are and translate in-between (as Mr.Bougo said, they are color codes), but remove the SCO^ prefix (it's a translation context prefix and should be removed from the translated string).

(01-30-2015, 04:43 PM)TropiKo Wrote: How do I go about translating stuff like SOC^kills or ^3rank^7 Player rank
I've translated in between ^3___^7 is that fine?

Btw you aren't supposed to translate "kills" and "rank" as they are arguments for the scoreboard_columns_set command, you have to translate the "or" in between and "Player rank".
Also when you are unsure about stuff like that you can browse the source code and try to understand the context there.

Actually it'd be even better if those command arguments were hidden to translators!

Why was my request to translate the game to Brazilian Portuguese rejected? There is someone already translating it to EUROPEAN Portuguese, there's a big difference there. I wanted to translate the game to my language because it's different than European Portuguese and because i wanted the game to be more popular along brazilian players. I had also started to translate it through the game's files and i did 92%(1481) of all the strings with only 113 strings to be translated.

Doesn't look like it was rejected, just overlooked. Once you're done with the translation, I don't think there's any sane reason to reject it.

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