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How do I run a non-dedicated server through hamachi?

I want to use the basic Create server function that is found in-game, I know other players can connect to those because I play this game in college, and anyone on the same network could connect to them.
We use Hamachi to play Terraria, and we want to play on Xonotic too.

I have no idea if xonotic is compatible with hamachi or whatever, but I tried starting a Last Man Standing server and they couldn't find my server in the server list or join my IP.
We have allowed DarkPlace Game Engine through the firewall (no idea if this even changes anything cause I'm a newb)

Can someone help me please? I want to kill my friends! D:

Hamachi is a VPN server/client, right? Your server should just show up in the server list if broadcast works fine... Unless you're using a software firewall that's blocking the server.

I really don't know about the specifics of Hamachi, I personally find it more complicated than setting up a server the usual way. If it's indeed a VPN that makes it look like everyone is on the same network, DP should broadcast a server list query on the local net when it displays the server list, and yours should show up there. I don't know how it deals with multiple LANs though? I really have no clue.

I guess you could tell your friends to connect to your IP manually. There's a way to input an IP in the server list, communicate your IP and make them use that.

(06-08-2013, 07:00 AM)Dazerio Wrote: We have allowed DarkPlace Game Engine through the firewall (no idea if this even changes anything cause I'm a newb)

You might be a newb, but you know infinitely more than I do about your own setup. You have access to the firewall's logs, I don't. Perhaps you should check it Wink

My server has a ping of 9999, so does my friend's server, does that mean anything? it didn't in college... though it was on the same network.

Uh? Where do you see that ping? Have you managed to connect? I'm not in your mind, please tell me what's actually happening instead of making me guess!

In college we create a server, and it only shows up in everyone elses server list when the host opens up his server list and leaves it there for 5-15 seconds.

From both home and at college when I look at my own server in the server list, it changes from a really low ping to 9999 in about 5 seconds or so.


So it does show up! Or did I misunderstand?

Anyway, have you tried connecting? You can't really judge the ping without connecting.

It shows up for me because it's my server, but it doesn't show up for my friends. 9_6

In college it shows up for the host instantly, but it doesn't show up to the others for abouts 5-20 seconds...

That's real weird. Might be firewall-related. This kind of stuff is really hard for me to troubleshoot, unfortunately. Check all logs you have access to.

I dont know how to...

Some more reading.
[MoFo] Servers - North America - Hosted in Montreal Canada - Admin DeadDred [MoFo]

(06-13-2013, 05:49 AM)Dazerio Wrote: I dont know how to...

Check the documentation / help center of your firewall software, then. I unfortunately don't have universal knowledge about firewalls and hamachi and all that Sad

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