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[SUGGESTION] More information in TDM scoreboard?

Currently you can only see someone's kills in TDM, not their number of deaths or other valuable information like net worth(kills - deaths). Should be really simple to add this, I actually find it weird that in FFA for example you do have some of that missing information and in TDM it is absent.

Yes, that's true and we want to change that soon! Someone already created "net".

how about adding damage counter too? something like in Clan Arena or just raw damage values?
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Ingame console command: scoreboard_columns_help
You can modify the scoreboard using the scoreboard_columns_set command.
scoreboard_columns_set default
scoreboard_columns_set field1 field2 ...
The following field names are recognized (case insensitive):
You can use a | to start the right-aligned fields.
name or nick             Name of a player
ping                     Ping time
pl                       Packet loss
kills                    Number of kills
deaths                   Number of deaths
suicides                 Number of suicides
frags                    kills - suicides
kd                       The kill-death ratio
caps                     How often a flag (CTF) or a key (KeyHunt) was captured
pickups                  How often a flag (CTF) or a key (KeyHunt) or a ball (Keepaway) was picked up
captime                  Time of fastest cap (CTF)
fckills                  Number of flag carrier kills
returns                  Number of flag returns
drops                    Number of flag drops
lives                    Number of lives (LMS)
rank                     Player rank
pushes                   Number of players pushed into void
destroyed                Number of keys destroyed by pushing them into void
kckills                  Number of keys carrier kills
losses                   Number of times a key was lost
laps                     Number of laps finished (race/cts)
time                     Total time raced (race/cts)
fastest                  Time of fastest lap (race/cts)
ticks                    Number of ticks (DOM)
takes                    Number of domination points taken (DOM)
bckills                  Number of ball carrier kills
bctime                   Total amount of time holding the ball in Keepaway
score                    Total score
Before a field you can put a + or - sign, then a comma separated list of game types, then a slash, to make the field show up only in these or in all but these game types. You can also specify 'all' as a field to show all fields available for the current game mode.

The special game type names 'teams' and 'noteams' can be used to include/exclude ALL teams/noteams game modes.

Example: scoreboard_columns_set name ping pl | +ctf/field3 -dm/field4 will display name, ping and pl aligned to the left, and the fields right of the vertical bar aligned to the right. 'field3' will only be shown in CTF, and 'field4' will be shown in all other gamemodes except DM.

I agree it's a little technical, but what you want can already be done! The current default value for this (which can be specified with scoreboard_columns_set default) is this (with additional linebreaks added for readability) (see source code in client/scoreboard.qc)
ping pl name |
-teams,race,lms/kills +freezetag/kills -teams,lms/deaths +freezetag/deaths -teams,lms,race,ka/suicides +freezetag/suicides -race,dm,tdm,ka,freezetag/frags
+ctf/caps +ctf/pickups +ctf/fckills +ctf/returns
+lms/lives +lms/rank
+kh/caps +kh/pushes +kh/destroyed
?+race/laps ?+race/time ?+race/fastest
+as/objectives +nexball/faults +nexball/goals +ka/pickups +ka/bckills +ka/bctime +freezetag/revivals

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