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Inline GLSL in Q3 shader files?

Is it possible to add GLSL effects into the standard Q3 like texture shaders used by mappers?
ioQuake3 seems to have a nice way of doing it:

Edit: this topic has some nice downloadable examples:

From having a quick look at the sources, I would say it doesn't...

Is that not a specific OA extension to the Q3 shader format?

It isn't standard q3 shader behavior, but rather a modification of it that was implemented in ioQuake3 I think.

Would be great if something like that was supported in DP also though.

A bit OT but Qfusion has moved the entire Q3 shader handling from the CPU to the GPU.
Besides giving a nice speed boost, this would making inline GLSL shaders probably very easy.
Not sure just how difficult it would be to transfer this feature, but at least the general concept could be integrated into DP also.

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