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hazard alpha

Fast duel map.


Here we go:

It's also playable on UC servers.

NOTE: Textures are only there to navigate the map better!

Alpha 2

Added more teles, minor changes to item layout, and now have proper spawns so it can have real play testing.

Download(it's in .map format, sry for that but there's something wrong with q3map2, I even compiled my own and that doesnt work either)

Could you please use other uploader? I cannot download .map file from the one you are currently using.
EDIT: Ok. I unchecked the option Use our download manager and get recommended downloads and it worked.

Much better then previous version, machine. Good job.

I can't see any screenshots and they rly should be somewhere in the map's thread so I post two of them in here (I changed it a bit):

[Image: machine1.jpg]

[Image: machine2.jpg]

This map has great potential to be one of the best ffa maps in game (among with Solarium, xoylent and bio lab) and I am serious. You still need to work hard on this map and get as much feedback as possible. +1
  1. I don't like the jumppad model as well as the fact that it pushes you not high enough to reach one of the platforms)
  2. I can see that layout is a result of thinking not only random placing brushes. +1
  3. I still do not like the electro passage as well as the fact that some of the corridors are a bit too narow.
  4. In terms of hight, your map is PERFECTLY scaled. Middle platforms are just right. +1
  5. Fix lava (add caulk or lava nodraw texture on the all surfaces expect the top one - to select surface press ctrl+shift+mouse click on surface) and,
  6. FIX BRUSH WORK! Make invisable surfaces caulk, so they are not renered ingame.
  7. In terms of visuals: Look at the screenshots: I would rather add more brick and a bit more metal. Try to play with different concrete colors as well as wood. +1 wood
  8. Fix your netradiant Tongue Map builds very well for me (regardless not very good brushwork)

Overall 6/10 but it will be more. I am sure about it.

Le wild textures appear.

The truth:

Thanks Mirio for yet again compiling the map for me, also providing it on a server is really kind! (I will reinstall q3map2 and Radiant today so I can compile it myself in the future) Big Grin

Thanks a lot for you feedback Justin! Smile

As for the jumppad, it's actually that way for a reason. I want the enemy to be forced to either laser jump or use jumppad, and also force player to circle jump or be in active movement to pass that area. Although I agree with you that this implementation was kinda bad and make the jumppad feel weird! I will try figure something out, maybe change it to a ladder?

The screenshots you provided, amazing texture work! I LOVE maps styled that Quake'ish way, simplictic but visually appealing done right.

The electro area will be modified, although I still want it to be a good area for electro, so you can kinda camp there if you're low like you can do in hub. I will also add one more room and make all the small corridors bigger, making the hagar room more interesting too!

I will be busy the following week, but hopefully I can get some stuff done. Smile

EDIT: Played a match on it with Mossepo, I think I know some stuff that I will have to change.

Are the hallways are still too narrowed.

And you just need to put the target of the jumppad a little bit higher and it would be alright.

Hello folks. I finally managed to compile your map, Machine. Fixing stuff and applying small changes.
I have NOT fixed everything in terms of brushwork and texturework. You will have to do it yourself (as we talked about it on IRC).I also forgot (completly unwittingly) to add minimap, so you have to learn how to add one by yourself Im afraid. I created mapinfo, map preview and bsp files as well as a script for a brand new skybox (completly GPL stuff) that should be included in env folder in your .pk3.

[Image: hazard_a4.jpg]

[Image: hazard_a41.jpg]

As you can see the style sort of 'developed' in a process. I wish you good luck with netradiant.
Download pk3 here:

BTW: Mirio is right. Electro area and some of the corridors (as well as mega room ) are way too narow.
Standing on electro or mortar you can shoot through the whole map, which obviously isn't good.

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