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[SUGGESTION] adjust the position of the crosshair

I am not talking about an aimbot or anything; I am using dual monitors and I have one stacked on the other and the crosshair position is not adjustable. I have a tough time aiming when the crosshair perfectly placed in the blindspot of the monitors. I would like a crosshair option to move the xy position with a slider bar in the menu. I beleive this is one of the best games out there right now because of the graphics capability and customization. Love this game and see so much awesome in the future of this game.

I can't check now but there might be a command for it.

Open console (Shift+ESC) and type:

apropos crosshair

and it should list all related command.

I doubt there is a way to do what you want. Perhaps you could play in windowed mode and offset the window slightly. If you think a feature is missing, you can document that on, but such requests are typically considered very low-priority.

yes not 100% sure what it means but it looks like same exact options as the gui as i feel should be the case; in other words no position just transparency size alpha and crosshair, also i think anonymous suggestions style drop box should be a link directly to this website with captcha but no sign in required so that people can suggest quickly and efficiently also obviously would like to see at least some sort of an android port for the darkplaces so we can play this on ouya and love the hid and hud editor outstanding job with everything so far would like to see more vehicle mods from everyone lets put it up on youtube and tutorials etc however so far aweome though i cant wait to see what weapons people come up with and models, this is what made UT what it was but now you can hardly ever customiz4e anything I would like to see more of what people can make with blender i think website is going to need expansion and more sections because i know this is this best fps i have seen in some time opensource is what drives tech these days! this game far surpases bf3 call of duty etc because it is already better in graphics than anything available right now!

I mean no offense, but could you please use punctuation?

Anyway, an anonymized suggestion box wouldn't be a good idea. We need to be able to follow-up with the suggestion's author. Just asking for something to be done and disappearing is plain rude. Besides, the current system helps to filter the inputs. If someone really wants something, they can go through the "trouble" of getting an account there and submitting the suggestion and categorizing it correctly.

Android / Ouya: forget it. There are some threads in this forum, use the search function. We can't run this game as-is on portable platforms due to performance issues. Porting it would be a huge undertaking. Don't forget also that this gameplay is suited to keyboard + mouse, not to joysticks or touch interfaces, which means that the ported game wouldn't really be Xonotic at all anymore.

sorry i got off on a tangent but I would still like to adjust the position of the crosshar on the screen
see your point about suggestions

as far as human input devices are concerned it really gets down to playing with whatever controller you chose also you can use usb host to connect mouse and keyboard which i prefer anyways but you can definitely fps with touchscreen trackpad joysticks and gamepads and effectively so I do prefer having the option this and the suggestion as for android is concerned I understand it definitely requires a lot of horsepower and i have read the forums for android but It is definitely playable @640x480 with 16 bit color however there are a couple dark places ports availiable but i will continiue that discussion on the proper thread!

crosshair positioning is still my main concern

Thanks for your understanding. I do agree that the input device should be up to the player's preferences, but the focus of Xonotic development is on keyboard + mouse. That's also why there is no support for joysticks in the menu settings, although DarkPlaces supports this just fine and has configuration variables for analog axes and so on, which can be accessed through the game console.

Anyway, I understand your crosshair issue and I agree that this should have a fix. It might be worth a bug report (I personally would consider this a bug rather than a feature request).

for the most part i prefer keyboard/mouse however there are other uses as I have played maps with vehicles and I would prefer to use joystick for flying vehicle

Maybe the cross-hair will also affect the position of the gun. And even have a option to have it in the middle like Quake Smile

(07-17-2013, 05:17 AM)satuim Wrote: Maybe the cross-hair will also affect the position of the gun. And even have a option to have it in the middle like Quake Smile


Multiplayer > Player Setup > Weapon settings > Left Align / Center / Right Align

This sets the cl_gunalign cvar.

Is that what you mean?

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