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[Most probably rejected] DM 1on1 map: Confusor

This idea was floating in my mind (and in git too actually) since a year (!), so when yesterday I had some free time, I got the map into "flowtesting" stage.
Because a video tells a lot more than single screenshots, here's a walkthrough of the map:

As you probably got it, the idea behind the map is that there are lots of teleporters and one room is basically the ceiling of the other one (in real geometry they are on the almost opposite ends of the map). Yesterday I showed the map to Debugger, Mirio, matthiaskrgr and Samual. As I expected, it wasn't greeted well Big Grin

Quote:<matthiaskrgr> #1 winner of the obfuscated map contest
The reason I opened this thread is because I don't want to further develop the map without:

1.: Assistance in itemplacement, flow ideas, PLAYTESTING etc.
2.: Assistance in detailing (I finally have to admit it, I terribly suck in that regard).
3.: I don't want to waste my time on something that most probably won't hit master.
4.: In the very good chance of my latest statement, there's absolutely no reason why I wouldn't release the source.

So, here it is in current state:


The map is ver much in alpha stage. There is only one spawnpoint, and there are only a few items here and there, to mark the important spots.
Also, texturework is... well, just don't comment on that, please. It's obviously only placeholder, to have at least something to look at.

Feel free to play around, and comment please!
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

I think the layout is good, however the warpzones would not be great for Duel I imagine. At least I don't see it go popular among duel players like this.
In it's current state it is more likely a DM map with the fun aspect.

Fighting would be so weird if you get shot into air and suddenly your view turns 180° and the opponent is at the roof.
Also the infite loop in the middle and it's four teleporters are 'meh' for gameplay (imo). I don't have a suggestion for that area right now though. ;P
If these two spots change I would fully support this, but I guess it's your main aspect of the map (?). :c

I like the two rooms with lava very much and I bet they offer great Duel actions! I also like the corner/area where Nex is placed currently (except the warpzone thing).

I will put my thoughts about items later!

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