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New experimental Freezetag server -GNUgen-


IP: (Xono stat)
Name: FreezeTag Europe -by GNUGeneration-
IRC: #gnugen.xonotic on QuakeNet

I would like to announce we created a new Freezetag server with experimental and exciting features. We are oriented towards developping and testing new ideas with the ESK mod[1] made by MarioSMB. We already had great times during these few days of setup and testing, it's cool. I was able to completely configure and make the whole running, thanks to Mario and Melanosuchus who helped me.

You may already know that Freezetag is a built-in-Xonotic mod where team fights each other and if your HP goes below 1 you are not dead but frozen which means teammates can revive you. The round is over when a whole is frozen, a new round begins.

The ESK mod introduces cool modifications like:
- It's in weapon-arena mod: rifle + laser + hook
- Secondary rifle shots are very fast
- New skins (with cool sounds) among: 4 Ponies, Fox and Mario
- (Gre)nades
- Optional dodging (cl_dodging 1)
- Dodging as frozen

We used the MoFo server configuration as a base, thanks to them:
- The hook is awesome
- The timings and damages are well balanced
- The maps are great

What is new on our server exclusively:
- New napalm nade as teamplay revival bonus (thanks to Melanosuchus)
- New votable monster apocalypze (with zombies or spiders) disabled by default
- Votable CTF with FT mutator (FT by default)
And it only began a few days ago! Expect more to come.

We would like to test new ideas and hack into the QuakeC mod to dig the freezetag mod. To help us you can spread the word, come to play and enjoy yourself or you can develop new ideas, we are open-minded. We deploy the code often on our server. Sometimes new features crash and it's automatically restarted instantly, so bear with us Smile

If you have any suggestions, come pass by our fresh IRC channel, or you can send me or Mario/Melanosuchus a message of course! Enjoy.
The server is hosted on our association server, GNUgeneration (free software), in Europe/Switzerland at my university EPFL.

Hope you enjoy, thank you for reading us.

[1]: You can come develop with us, it's open on github and IRC:

Great server!
The experimental features are very funny.

The best feature of course are the napalm nades Wink


Napalm explosion:

Being chased by the zombies:

Fire and zombies:

D3lxA has given me access to the server and here is a list of stuff that changed:

Bug fixes:
  • Now the server messages work properly.
  • Some changes to the napalm grenades configuration
  • Set a fixed point limit on all maps
  • Removed some old/bad/unused maps
  • Added support for freezetag on all installed maps
  • Removed unexploded nade explosions on round end

New Maps:
(The pk3's of these maps have been patched to include the minimap and the mapinfo file)
Experimental Features:
  • Ice nades: can be toggled with votes icenade and noicenade

Known Issues:
  • XonStats is still not working

Is XonStat meant to work with such a heavily modified server?

(09-28-2013, 05:43 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Is XonStat meant to work with such a heavily modified server?

Yes of course, you can look at other servers like FreezeTag Mofo which is in XonStats. I don't know why it stopped working. Yes it was working at the beginning (it was working when the mod was already installed), We tried to generate a new key but it doesn't seem to help.

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