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[CTF MAP] Geomonetary [FINAL]

Here is the final version of the map! There are a few tweaks, some you can see some you cannot. Enjoy!


i can't load it. xonotic stops reacting at loading: maps/geomonetary.bsp

Yea scratch that last one. There were some problems going on.
Please try this one and give me feedback if it works on your machine.



Not sure what I missed, but not seeing any textures on the world at all. Sad

(11-12-2010, 03:09 AM)node357 Wrote: Not sure what I missed, but not seeing any textures on the world at all. Sad

this version is using textures from nexuiz which arent included in xonotic

here is the latest version
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Cool! Nice concept. Smile I think the texturing needs to be reworked though.
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