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Payday 2

Does anyone here have this game, if so, do you play it regularly also?

Thinking about buying it.
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I play it.

Best thing is to make sure is that you have a mic and the bandwidth to use it while playing–definitely more fun if you have some people you know that you can play with. The AI is useless there too Big Grin

Your american though aren't you nowego?

I want to get it, but again no one I know has it so don't really want to get it unless other people have it. I have a mic and such Smile
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Yeah, I'm NA.

The matchmaker's not horrid, but I'm not sure how many EU players there are. Hopefully it would be smart enough not to try and put you in NA games.

Yep first game we played was me and kankipappa and 2 randoms.

Been playing with kankipappa and Einea at the moment so far we've only done a few different scenario heists but so far but it's a blast. Starting to put more thought into how we do the heists now also and planning..but it seldom goes right for long with us haha.
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That's how it usually goes on any level... stealth as long as possible and then everything goes up in smoke XD

Didn't notice any lag on my end of our game, which was pleasantly surprising.

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