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Require a database designer/builder!

I'm looking for someone who has skills in database design and implementation. Nothing too snazzy but I preferably need someone who knows it to a decent level.

I've asked Antibody but he is too busy, so no one needs to suggest him Tongue

Basically I require a more professional standard of database then the one I currently made in access, as mine is pretty basic and I had to follow a guide to make it.

The task it's self is not that difficult, but I will require on-going support over at least a year for example when new queries, reports and charts etc need to be implemented. It wont be a lot of work, mainly I just need a database to log,store,analyse and breakdown my results via different queries.

Again for a competent designer it will not be a difficult task but it needs to be done to a good standard.

I'm willing to pay a small fee or offer a different angle on paying. Of course if you feel like helping for free that would be better Smile

I can discuss more indepth privately about what it is for etc

Anyone interested feel free to reply on the thread and I can discuss further on IRC/skype or by private message.
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PM me something a little more detailed than those hazy buzzwords abt what you need and perhaps i'll be your man.

Hi tZork, thanks for the offer. PinkRobot has volunteered first to help me out Smile
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