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.BSP to .OBJ ?

Can q3map2 convert .BSP to .OBJ *while preserving the .MTL texture references*?

I tried "q3map2 -convert -format obj -shadersasbitmap [bspFile]"

But, it still says "--- Convert BSP to ASE ---" regardless.

I know there are some programs to convert ASE to obj,

And I know netRadiant has a plugin to export to .OBJ also..

But both these methods end up with incorrect results...

First off, there are sometimes triangles just flat out missing

Secondly, sometimes there's usually a lot of unneeded geometry

Thirdly, the the geometry is rotated incorrectly which means I have to open it up with something like maya and rotate it, but the problem is that it doesn't preserve the .mtl when saving back out

... If anyone could help find the "proper" method for converting a map to .OBJ I'd be very glad

Thank you.

So I've converted the .bsp to .ase with q3map2 and then converted the .ase to .obj with "3D Explorer"... But it appears the map has lost the grass area triangles of solarium in the conversion from .bsp to .ase (because they're not visible even in 3d explorer)

Try using a tool called noesis:

It's like a universal converter for 3d stuff and handles a lot of different conversions, bsp => obj included.

[Image: 12766.png]
Sucks at weapons

q3map2 -convert -format obj mapfile.bsp should work.. are you using q3map2 from netradiant?

I would not use any of conversion for making solid level as mesh. OBJ won't give you clean topology and ASE is even worse. I suggest converting level to both format, importing them to Blender as reference and work from there on. Use original polygons as reference for snapping and create clean topology from scratch. It's time consuming task, but in the end, you get something useful and easy to work with. Better (or just proper) loop cuts and so on.

Use converted mesh to create new one, clean and safe.

We are talking about tech from 90's VS modern one. Don't expect miracles.

ok, q3map2 from gtkradiant only seems to output ase... but the q3map2 that comes with the netradiant with xonotic seems to work...

Is there a way to get the lightmap from the .bsp / .map ? or is that part of the mapping texture pack

i guess i found them. the sad thing is that q3map doesn't output some polys like the grassy ground...neosis outputs the ground but not the textures

thank you kammy you're a lifesaver for telling me about noesis.... it proper exports geometry and partial texture references (bad .mtl, can be easily reconstructed by saving out from maya using the references in the .obj)

The biggest hassle is that you have to manually modify, and verify each texture line in the .mtl because often the filepaths are incorrect plus there's no image file extension

anyway, i found the lightmap textures themselves... but what if i wanted to apply this to an OBJ? I would need specific lightmap UVs... do you know of a way to get those with noesis? (i doubt it because it seems very small although has a lot of export command options but only one for obj).. it looks like the lightmap is actually even applied to the rendering in noesis but i don't know how to export it?

It says "Loading lightmap data...0 lightmaps (0 bytes)." even though you can clearly see the lightmap applied

or how to use q3map2 without loosing geometry? The grass ground/rock area in solarium are lost, but noesis preserves it... q3map2 has -lightmapsastexcoords but i need matching and proper geometry . . .

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