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Thanks & Goodbye!

I would like to say thanks to everybody who has contributed to the project past and present in Nexuiz & Xonotic.

As for me, I've decided I no longer wish to play the game anymore. I've tried to play it several times in the past week or two and I no longer have any fun (nor motivation because of this), it just isn't enjoyable anymore for me and I've felt like this for more then a couple of weeks which is one of the reasons I have hardly been playing.

I don't want to go into specifics why, I don't wish to put anymore effort in playing competitively or casually (but it's not the spawn system! Wink ).

Too many people to thank, but off the top of my head I want to say thanks especially to people like, C.Brutail, esteel, tZork (the best!), divVerent, MrBougo, FruitieX, morfar, thimo (fun!), Mirio (for cups and tourneys), Antibody - a lot of these always helped me out in the past with configuration questions and other technical questions I'd of never solved on my own!

Everybody else who I've played with in the past.

I will finish off the community video of course and continue to support the community idling on IRC and some forum interaction, now it's time to put my time and effort into other activities.

See you on IRC & hopefully a LAN one day.
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Goodnight, sweet prince

"For now", you say?

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Hehe, I was going to ask about the video. Running jokes and all.

Welp. It's sad to see you go. I hope you'll at least have a chat with developers if you have any criticism to give about gameplay. I think your experience is valuable!

I hope you'll make the best use of the time you freed for yourself Wink

Very sad indeed. I do hope you'll forward the reasons as to why you don't enjoy this game anymore to the development team. I myself am sceptical about (and to some extent, afraid of) what I heard that is coming but the current state is still very enjoyable for me (being a casual rather than a competitive gamer). The lags people experience seem to me one of the biggest problems currently, and I'm not entirely sure it's always the connection.

Anyway, I enjoyed your contributions to the project, insights to duel tactics, awesome videos and general to have a chat with you every now and then. Thank you for having been around!
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That's pity :/ glhf with your other activities though!

That meaning smiley map isn't required anymore?

Still required, will speak to you about it on IRC Justin.
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Aww, too bad you're leaving Sad

We had some real fun tdm games that one time.
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Sucks at weapons

Sad to see you go. Best of luck to you!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Very sad indeed that one famous community member leaves. Sad

Goodbye kojn!

Goodbye kojn^! What a pity that such a good horsie is gone..
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Never say never Wink maybe in the future, king still returns!

Anyway, sad to see ya stopping. Atleast check out the new versions of the game when they comes out. (hopefully!) and see, if the fun has come back =) hey, im optimistic about it(!)


I'm very sad you leave kojn, you were one of the oldest members of the community, I greatly value all the fun times we shared together, and all your efforts put in the project. I hope you'll still stick around at least on IRC, and maybe you'll try out later versions of Xonotic, just for teh lulz.

GG and best luck with all your future endeavours you fucking Horse! Big Grin
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"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

(10-29-2013, 04:32 PM)thimo Wrote: Never say never Wink maybe in the future, king still returns!

Im sure he will, and then we get to make fun of him for having been such a drama queen. Big Grin

CB I will forward onto you constructive criticism/opinions I have and then ask if you can forward this onto the dev team.
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Goodbye kojn! Hope to see you around in IRC from time to time Smile
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I see where it came from...

rip in peace

Sadly I don't know you from playing, because I'm not playing Xonotic since too long. But when I started, I saw you playing in Killing X Zone by zeroql. And I hoped to meet you on pickup, guess that won't happen anytime soon Big Grin

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