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Hello and Offering Coding/Testing Help But Having Probs

Hey guys.

First, thanks a lot for the great work. I'm having loads of fun fragging again, even if it's just against bots.

I thought I'd try and pay you back a bit by doing some code bug fixing. I have a lot of free time these days and more years of coding on both *nix and Windows than I care to remember, although the *nix work was mostly Unix variations and about a decade ago.

But I've run into problems. I only have time limited dialup net access thru an old XP box, and git apparently doesn't have cloning restart capabilities, so I can't 'git' all of the repositories. And browsing through the repository shows only some that have snapshots available. And problems cropped up when trying to build from the 0.7.0 code archive download.

My very limited knowledge of git tells me I can't try and grab things piecemeal by browsing around and downloading blobs. But I'm willing to try that if it will work in the end, i.e., I can browse to and download everything I need and there is a way to get git to make the necessary local repository dirs and files.

So, any ideas or am I just fubar'd? Yeah, I know I'm already fubar'd given me crappy setup Smile, but beyond that, any way to resolve this? Has anyone attempted this before and can walk me thru the process?

This is not really my terain, but just following this guide should get everything to work:

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