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Poll: Change the connectivity clockwatch position/look ?
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[SUGGESTION] Change the clockwatch position/look


I'm talking about the clockwatch we see when experiencing connection issues.
As the game slows down or freezes, you usually press tab to see your ping, but surprise! a clockwatch is hiding that number - just when you need it. So that's not frustrating at all :|

I suggest to change its position (and/or look and/or size), so that it doesnt spoil any other info on the screen anymore



To be honest my point was more about the position of the clock than about its look, but totally changing it also seems necessary, as it's becoming old.
I could give it a shot, and i already saw some good ideas on that related thread.
Btw i suppose the "luminous theme", is the theme of the game menu (dark background, and some neon colors - mainly blue), am i right ?
And also, if someone could tell where the clock picture file is located, it'd be appreciated. So that we could know about the file type and properties..

Luminos is simply the name I gave my menu/hud theme for Xonotic.
Of course, everyone can make their own theme, in their own style.

I am currently revising luminos, including the network icon and its size.
The file organization is a bit of a mess, but I consider the icon part of the theme.

If you want to change the icon, you might want to wait until I have finished my revision.

This is the file in question (git repository):

thx for the file - i found it
and i'll wait for your revision. btw how will i know that you're done with it?

(01-04-2014, 08:34 PM)raffi98 Wrote: btw how will i know that you're done with it?

Good question...
When I push the revised images to the Git repositories, they have reached a reasonable stability.
I can send you a notification once that has happened.

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