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[SUGGESTION] gibs/corpses that dissappear on player respawn and subtle disappearing decals

An interesting idea that I got while playing Unreal Championship 2. In UC2 every time a player is fragged, there corpse and gibs are teleported out of the arena, pieced back together, and teleported back in (in other words the combatants are put back together before actually dying and thrown back into the arena). That would better explain how players keep coming back for more after supposedly getting killed and at the same time keep the performance desirable by clearing the excessive gibs off the arena. A cheap way to imitate this effect on Nexuiz is to just tweak the gib time, but I haven't found any similar options for corpses.

I always found it annoying to see decals instantly disappear from the arena in my Nexuiz game, so I always changed the advanced options to allow them to fade away as opposed to just dissappearing. I find that better as far as aesthetics are concerned. Also many other Quake-based games have the option to set a limit on decals, I have not seen such option in Nexuiz and I think including one on Xonotic would be a good idea for increasing performance.

Sorry for the delay in replying, but I totally agree with you.

[Image: necropost.jpg]

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