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Keeping the topic title simple,
Hi, I'm Kougi. I'm sure I've met a good few of you in game already, as I've been running a server while slowly learning the ropes of running a server, as well as getting familiar with Xonotic's engine (Darkplaces engine).
I don't have too much of a history with these games; I played Quake 3 a bit when I was younger, but only with bots. And have played a bit of Quake live, which is where I found my love for Instagib - with Minsta being my mode of choice in Xonotic.

I look forward to seeing Xonotic grow, I personally believe it has the potential and gap in the market to get a steadier community once the game is advertised (if only virally) to the potential thousands of players out there looking for a decent, quick FPS.

If you want any more info you can check the WIP website for Clan.exe. (I wouldn't say that Clanexe has officially been started as a clan though, but the infrastructure is being built) Smile

Hope to see you ingame.

Happy fragging.


hi James

welcome here to forum and good luck with your clan and your server.

Greetz Su

Hi, always nice to see new members. Big Grin
I hope YOUR server won't lag "Big Grin"

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