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DeaDBeeF audio player

Hey all, here's some "advertisement" for another project where I'm somewhat involved in: the DeaDBeeF audio player.

[Image: 5tyYahT.png]

It is not devoloped by myself at all, but it managed to become my one-and-only audio player, and I use it on an almost-daily basis. Before that I was using QuodLibet, but DeaDBeeF suits me far better.

Some of the main features are:
  • Overall simple structure, after all it is just an audio player and nothing more (or less)
  • Interface written in GTK (with GTK 2/3 support), but can be used without GUI as well
  • No media library or anything like that
  • Tabbed playlists
  • Replaygain support (with global gain adjustment)
  • Albumart support (from file or from web)
  • VFS support to e.g. play music from archives or CUEsheets
  • Comes with all demuxers and decoders you need, i.e. not based on GStreamer etc.
  • Almost everything is a plugin (even the GUI)
  • From what I know there's also some Android version...

Since I mostly listen to complete albums and not to random tracks, the playlist concept is a perfect match to me. Normally I keep some playlists for different artists which I am listening to currently, and I can quickly add, remove or reorder albums.

Now you may ask, how am I involved in this? Well, some years ago I felt the need to have some filebrowser embedded in the player itself, so I could more easily add files from the disk to my playlists. So I grabbed the source from the Geany filebrowser plugin, and my deadbeef-filebrowser was born. You can see how it looks in the above screenshot; of course most of the features can be user-configured (cover display, colors, ...).

A few days ago I have also started with another plugin, namely deadbeef-waveform. It just shows a waveform in the player where you can see the volume over the currently playing track, and also seek to certain passages in the music. Obviously it is very much inspired by SoundCloud, and I even use a similar color scheme by default. It can cache the generated waveforms on disk, so the audio file only needs to be read once.

So, if you're looking for a good audio player on Linux - I'm not sure how it works on Windows/Apple platforms - you really should give it a try. Even if you think you've found "your" audio player already, you should do so ... before switching to DeaDBeeF, I was convinced that QuodLibet was the perfect choice for me... Wink

You can compile DeaDBeeF from source (git or download), or just install a package if that exists for your distribution. My plugins can be compiled from source too, and I also put binary releases on SourceForge. However, I never managed to create at least a Debian package, so that's the only way for now.
Note that to activate the plugins, in the current DeadBeeF version you first have to enter "design mode" via the main menu, and rearrange the widgets (I personally use two splitters for playlist, filebrowser and waveform). You could also just edit ~/.config/deadbeef/config to include this line, to make it look like in the screenshot:
gtkui.layout hsplitter pos=250 locked=0 {filebrowser {} vsplitter pos=560 locked=0 {tabbed_playlist hideheaders=1 {} waveform {} } }

Looking forward to hear some comments to the DeaDBeeF player and/or my plugins! Big Grin

There's also an IRC channel, #deadbeefplayer @Freenode.

EDIT: Added my layout config, to make the player look like in the screenshot.
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This is and has been my go-to music player on Linux for years now. Love it.

I'am using this aswell! =) very good one
(Thanks to foozy, he suggested it to me when i installed my arch linux and I asked for a good suggestions)

Gonna keep on using also Smile

Ah excellent, I like that you've made a waveform viewer. I'm not aware of players giving this functionality. (I'm not very aware in general when it comes to media players though ;P)

Seems like a great project. I'm currently using cmus which perfectly suits my needs, but if I ever feel like going back to GUI this will have to be my first test.

I used Dead Beef as my shoutcast source before. Not bad.
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Its the only music player i care to use, very solid. Nice contributions Zykure
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