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French WAN Party


Continuing trying to make people play Xonotic I'm organizing a virtual gathering on wednesday 30th april and 7th may (we get a public holiday just after both in France), starting at 8PM local hour.

Why I say French is because it is backuped by a mumble server,, where we'll be speaking French but we're still playing on a public server so feel free to join and frag some froggies Wink .

Starting on 2DS.EU. Don't really know where and when it will stop.

Keep up the good work, sir! Hopefully stuff like this grows our playerbase Smile +1

I'm in for May 7 Big Grin
I will ask Akram (another frenchie) if he wants to join :p

If it will be not minsta or overkill, then im gona try to frag few frenchies Smile
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We weren't much Frenchies out there, we were 2 on Mumble but the server was well populated from start to end with around 4 to 9 players. I feared we will reach the cap of 16 from the server but there is still some room.

We got some good matches (at least me) with a wide range of player skills. Hope to see more of you next week Smile

I'll be in next week Big Grin

More people this time, we were 4 on Mumble and were around 10 players on servers. It made a little while to start, 8:30PM may be a better hour to start.

We started DM while the player count grown and decreased from around 6 to 11 (people going in and out furiously). At that time we started to play some CTF and we sticked around 8-10 players.

Overall it was a success. Vanilla games were alive with enough people to have a lot of fun (and we got that ear-killer krrzztktrsskts on Mumble Big Grin )

It was my first CTF experience online and while it's a very common gametype I don't feel it very suited for casual gameplay (as unforgiving the game is, if you don't react well in the second the flag is taken it's already out of the base and out of range…). Any domination server anyone?

ggs & thanks for the event ! Smile

I was quite surprised by the amount of players on both the 2DS and DCC CTF servers yesterday.
Put 3 french players on a server, and tons of people will join Big Grin

CTF indeed needs a strong defense, but with crylink or machinegun you can slow down attackers a lot and prevent them for rocket-jumping out of the base.

Oh, and sorry for the mumble feedback noises :S (that was strange, I don't have this problem with TeamSpeak)

(05-08-2014, 06:07 AM)SpiKe! Wrote: Put 3 french players on a server, and tons of people will join Big Grin

French people are just unbelievably attractive! Cool

I was happy to see some action on CTF servers yesterday, but unfortunately I wasn't able to join. But well done!
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Damn, how could I miss this! Sad I'll be in for the next CTF and I'll bring 2-3 other frenchies with me!
Heart Heart

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