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Player Model: Gak v2.0

Main lowpoly body mesh by tZork
Highpoly mesh, armor mesh, and texture by me

From my older attempt which tZork kindly retopoed. Three versions, roughly 2500-3000 polies each, 2 map sets.

I will not post the source files here to avoid having more than one person animating it. Yoda_Almighty/Diabolik/tZork will be the ones animating/readying these for insertion.

Released under GPL, bla bla.

[Image: dpre5s6x3lfm0p53gljn_thumb.jpg]
[Image: uip266zbppjc59tazo_thumb.jpg]
[Image: 8gu3hsxdjjbexhmawwe_thumb.jpg]
[Image: vosd8q153njtbw1uj56j_thumb.jpg]

Good work guys. I'd play as this guy/girl/it.
This is my laser, this is my gun,
This is for plinking, this is for FUN!

BrFJ: wtf with the jumpad
BrFJ: rofl
vael: oh, you'll wtf with the... a few more times don't worry

[Image: badge.png]

really good. the textures look very realistic.

looks good - like the style/type of the model

Very nice!

Polycount seems a bit high though. A model like that should be doable in about 1500 polys or so.

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat he did it again Big Grin
can't describe how awesome it looks from those shots Smile
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Its alientastic.

I'd think of a better adjective but I have a horrible hangover.
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Looks better on those screens than in game. Overall, looks very well done. I do not like the crotch protrusion, however.
(07-18-2010, 10:59 AM)Flying Steel Wrote: How could anyone with ADHD tell its a high damage weapon if it wasn't a gigantic metal cock fucking the map whenever a player gets within 3 meters of a wall?

[Image: di-712770583645.png]

crotch protrusion, lets not get jealous.

Well, actually I'm concerned for his comfort, as it looks like he has a bone intersecting his pelvis.
(07-18-2010, 10:59 AM)Flying Steel Wrote: How could anyone with ADHD tell its a high damage weapon if it wasn't a gigantic metal cock fucking the map whenever a player gets within 3 meters of a wall?

[Image: di-712770583645.png]

But we can't really be sure what is actually under there. I choose to believe that what you might call antenna are actually his exposed genitalia Smile

I think this best explains the awesomeness that I have seen on this thread:

Oh wait.

<3 the armoured one particularly Big Grin
[Image: vN3NkMA]
(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

I have just tried it now before seeing this thread, I think it's the best player model we have yet, better than maskedignis since it is not a human being (it's fun to use alien/robots/etc models more than regular humans u know). Really great work guys


I like it (I prefer the helmeted one though) but if I could model well--and I really wish I could--I'd change the head and give it a tail. Maybe feathers, too, but even without them it's a bit of a pipe dream. On a side note, where are the eye holes in the helmet? I consider it a good idea to be able to see what one is doing, especially in a situation where you need to be wearing serious armor (as Gak is doing here).

Also, on the "crotch protrusion": Seriously, guys? Get your human heads out of the gutter. First off, It doesn't seem to have a specified gender (at least not yet). Second, even if it is male (which is generally a one-in-three chance*), alien anatomy could be radically different from that of humans. While I don't personally agree that those things on its head are sexual in nature, there's always a chance that they are. And even if its naughty bits (which I fell obliged to point out might not be "naughty" in an alien culture) are in the same region as humans' are, there are other setups than the "plug and socket" one that we're used to (case study: most birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, etc. use something called a "cloaca"; go look it up).

*I base this number on the general choices of male, female, and neither (in case of an asexually-reproducing species).
Humans... Dodgy

"There is no problem that cannot be solved by a judicious application of carnivorous dinosaurs."

I do like it. I do know its an alien and would have technology probably incomprehensible from us. But I'm a little concerned with the following:
- What function is intended for the backpack, it looks unfitting, maybe could be flattened
- Antennas on armoured character need refining
- Helmet needs some sort of perceived way of seeing out of it, also need refining

Otherwise looks really good, legs are really nice Smile
There's nothing better than getting off you butt and contributing to a community. There is no excuse when it comes to computers. Spend a little of you playing time, giving back Smile


Earlier versions of the texture had a glassy wraparound visor. The result made it look too human. I deliberately did not include eyeholes for 2 reasons: a) Eyeholes are a structural weak point. Future tech probably allows helmets with sensors which do not provide this weak point. i.e. Sensors embedded into the helmet material itself. Our own project (the link on my signature) all has armor which mostly do not have any visible eyeholes at all even if the wearers are human. b) Gak's eyes are small, badly placed and thus possibly very primitive. Its real 'eyes' in a sense are the antennae deliberately exposed.


Admittedly, not well thought out but like several other armor attached to it, it has one important non-lore related function: It serves as a surface area for the primary coloration. Important to keep it visible as all the armor on the body itself hold the secondary coloration.




I'm afraid the mesh is final. Changes at this point are out of the question. Nonetheless if anyone wants to take a shot at improving it, it's GPL so it's available in the repo.

Renders being better looking than ingame:

DOH. The engine isn't exactly cutting edge is it?

Screens by Diabolik (not yet done, the glow isn't included yet in these pics). Animated by Yoda_Almighty and Diabolik, texture correction for the DP engine by tZork.

[Image: zsgws5s5m6litub60gs4.jpg]
[Image: pnxo5okixizc9egtcmp.jpg]

needs moar dpreflectcube
megatog615 -

Oblivion, your point about the eyeholes is valid.

Also, based on the antennae being exposed, I assume that they are not anatomically vital (which is why they can be exposed). On a related note, Ignis and all other non-helmeted models are just asking to be headshot imho... (Then again I played Nexuiz as Lurk, so I shouldn't be talking.)
Humans... Dodgy

"There is no problem that cannot be solved by a judicious application of carnivorous dinosaurs."

very good but i dislike the head without helmet...

I instead really like the one without the helmet.

Great stuff! I like the armoured/unarmoured contrast on this one. I tend to agree with _para about the head though - I think a head that's essentially reshaped to better fit the helmet would be an improvement (I'm thinking "wasp" here)

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