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[CANCELLED] New frag movie (demos wanted!)

I've cancelled the creation of this movie due to lack of interest (only received a small amount of demos). Also since both Mirio and Halogene are working on movies and kojn's one is coming out soon it may not be the right time for a new community movie just yet. In the future if there is more interest I may try create a community movie again.

Hey, I'm doing a second frag movie (see my first one here)! I plan at making something longer this time, but to do that I need your help!

Promo video:

(observe: I won't have any songs featuring "scream"-vocals in final video since I know a lot of people dislike it, just for the teaser Tongue)

Current plan:
  • Aiming at a 5 minutes long video
  • Mostly just frags, won't be too much "cinematic" effects
  • This is the config I will use
  • "Rock'y" music

I'm looking for all kinds of frags, epic moments and flag runs performed in vanilla/xpm. If you got some then please send them to me. I weren't fully satisfied with my last movie, too many boring frags and some editing errors. I've learnt from my mistakes and will deliver a better movie this time! Smile

Submitting demos
Please submit demos here or email me (), make sure to specify approximate time (assuming it count upwards) and what kind of frag! Also who you are, in case you email me. See this if you are unsure how to effectivly save the time of good frags when you play.

Here's one I recorded today. I wrote you a PM, then I got notified about this thread.

Type: Long distance impossible no-aiming miracle frag.
Map: Space-Elevator
Mod: Overkill
Weapon: Granade-Nex combo
Time: 1:05 onwards
The game:
Quick dirty nasty preview:

I made a first ever try at using the Nex-Granade combo on this map and it was flawless. I fragged an enemy FC without seeing it or aiming, which brought my team's flag back to base and I was able to score for my team.

We eventually lost the game anyway, but the first minute of this demo is amazing.
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

That's pretty nice, thanks. As I said in the PM I will record and include, but only these insane frags will be accepted from non-vanilla modes. Tongue


Looks good. Where did you get the config from may I ask?

At first glance it looks very like mine I use for video recording.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Thanks! I linked to the config in original post, it's pretty standard but I might have tweaked the color-stuff a bit. Smile

Oh heh, I came by to check the status of this and see it got cancelled. Sad

How many demos(/frags) did you get?

1 + demo dump, then later I got quite a lot from one person (which was really nice frags). Working on a new project now instead though, so there is a video coming. Wink

Well if you want something different we need a good vehicle movie.
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