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How do i play Nexuiz servers with Xonotic?

I recently got Xonotic to play with my friend who is playing on a Nexuiz server. He told me the name of the server he was playing on, but when i entered it into the Filter box in the server list i waited 10 minutes and the server he was playing on didn't appear. Is this a bug or is it impossible to play on Nexuiz servers with Xonotic? If it's not a bug and it is possible, Can you tell me how to join Nexuiz servers?

Download Nexuiz.
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likely wont work right with the xono client anymore, and definitely wont show up in the server list. what you can try, if you know the IP or DNS name and port of the server is opening the console and entering "connect ip-or-name-here:port" and hitting enter. don't be surprised if it blows up tough.

It will most likely connect, but you'll be missing the Nexuiz content (playermodels, weapons, items, maps). I had a compat pack to fix this and a few missing Nexuiz settings, but all links to it have expired.
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