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[SOLVED] net radiant - no textures

alright, so I just came back to Xonotic from a few years hiatus, and I want to get back into mapping. However, it seems that there are no textures for xonotic. I've already refered to a previouse post from a2012 or so regarding the same issue, and it seems to be haunting me still.

I've grabbed the most recent version of net radiant

I unpacked it into a known directory

I've set the game path to be the same as the mapping directory

I've checked the shader's list and it is empty

am I just forgetting a step? or is there something up?

so I got it to load the folfers for the textures, however, there's a lot fewer textures than I remember, and most of the folders are empty

You've made a similar post in a different thread:

Where are you expecting answers? This discussion doesn't need to happen in two places, so I'm going to merge them. Do you want me to merge this post into that thread, or that other post of yours into this thread?

And yet there is an anwser. You could merge it as well, Mr. Boungo :
That post is old but still works! Just change Xonotic 0.6 into Xonotic 0.7 I guess. Wink

Thank you, Justin! Can you post that link in the other thread so it's there too and I can close this one? Smile

feel free to merge and/or fully close this thread, this one has very little additional info, so, I'd say close it.

Okay, done. Thanks for your understanding Smile

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