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Prepare to Respawn - Xonotic Movie

Finally, after a lot of blood, sweat, tears and thimo harassing me 24/7 I can present the 2nd Xonotic community movie!

Starring 20 players from the community, spanning just over 16 minutes long.

You can find the link below for it on youtube.

I also have a HQ version being uploaded this should be available later on this evening, I will also have a Ultra HQ version available for those who insist on the best quality (HQ version looks good anyway).

I encourage you all to download the 50fps 1080p HQ version when it is available as the video quality/graphical quality is fantastic imo.

I went quite a different path compared to the first movie by ZeRoQL, the music is one long track. The focus on the movie was a more cinematic theme then first community movie and a focus on synching.

Some small errors in the movie, I'm just glad it's finally done and I hope you guys enjoy what's there, I was pretty much struggling with content in the end which was a shame.

Hopefully ZeRoQL will step up and make a 3rd movie with the best content available as I know people do make a lot of really great frags Smile

50FPS 1920x1080p download - 2.5GB big

Note that the video may still be processing, so you may have to wait a little while to be able to watch it, finished uploading about an hour ago.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Awesome work!

Is this movie named after me becoming desperate on warfare by any chance? :oD

Very nice editing and a pleasure to watch, good that you included slow scenes or slowmo-playbacks with free camera, that really breaks up the frag density and allows my old and slow-paced mind to follow throughout the movie.

Thank you for finishing this!
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Spotted one frag twice)
Movie is good, but I think there are too many frags by yourself, ZeRoQL and ai in it if you compare to the rest.
Minus for wirting mirio in credits. Wink Rather Mirip than that.

Woooooooo, gib download.

Yes there is Mirio, unfortunately I didn't receive enough footage from other players so it made it difficult. Hopefully ZeRoQL makes a 3rd (just volunteered you Big Grin) and the players can submit a lot of frags Smile
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


There is an idea, hard work and experience in this movie, which makes it better then "just a frag movie" It's an excellent movie! Editing work in the intro feels a bit weird but overall is amazing. Soundtrack is epic but after a few minutes constant creshendo made me pretty tired and I found myself turning it down from half time to the end. The hole movie might be tiresome for dude like me but I suppose people who play more actively find it just right! I laughed hard when after watching credit scene a final thoughts text appeard: "The spawn system is not broken". Very nice humorous accent that makes it more memorable. I also liked the fact you showed most of the Xonotic features (although no vehicles and freeztag) which is a good way of showing the game out there (PR).
Give us a chance, huh? O_o

Wow,great work!
I need to learn how to make fragmovies myself soon.....
[Image: 22172.png]

Added a download link to the HQ version in the original post.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Yay finally! Big Grin Good job, very nice movie.

Amazing! The finale especially is priceless :-D

You must have been working on it for quite a while, I spotted some players I had forgotten existed :-D

Great work, thanks!
[Image: 5132.png]

Really enjoyed it. Thank you.
More materials for proselytism.

Thanks chaps, glad you enjoyed it!
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


I like it too good job Kojn Big Grin
[Image: 6963.png]


P.S kojn how dare you removing me from steam Tongue
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