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Toxikk - Arena FPS

Toxikk looks pretty damn awesome, IMO. UT3 comparisons aside(and I think that game was very underrated, other than the aforementioned technical issues bringing it down somewhat - though personally they never stopped me from enjoying it immensely) - the game looks fun, with solid, fun weapons and yes, very beautiful. The artwork is very good, it's not just the engine. These days, most engines are capable of rendering beautiful scenes, it's really about taking advantage of it and coming up with inspiring, and pleasing artwork.

The FPS genre has always had visual detail and beauty as a benchmark, and always will. Games with great game play, if they aren't up to snuff visually, get bashed mercilessly for their graphics. Then again, great graphical games with poor game play get bashed for that too. A lot of the bashing comes from fanboism, the whole "I play this game, everything else sucks, let me look for something about this game to pick on" attitude is what has given the FPS cultures such a bad reputation. That exists in just about every FPS community, free or otherwise - and it's rather sad.

Personally I have nearly every arena FPS in existence on my game rig - and I enjoy them all from time to time. Toxikk will find it's way there as well Wink

I disagree with your assumption that you have to play it first before you write it off. Main reason why I'm writing it off is because UT4 is coming up as well and I believe the judgement is very fair since it's obviously so much like UT (visually like UT3), anyone who has played UT2k4/3 can predict very close to what it's going to be like. I have played UT3 and well, vehicle CTF is fun. Perhaps Toxikk's VCTF is fun as well, who knows. The big and obvious question is how could possibly Toxikk be more fun than UT4.

(12-12-2014, 08:58 AM)kojn^ Wrote: There also not catering purely for competitive players, rather that there aiming it to be a fun game to play
That's the only real issue. The target audience Quakers and UTers alike (trust me UTers can be assbuttons too) just simply doesn't seem to want fun. Innovation is another issue, it's like trying to reinvent the wheel. All the dead indie arena shooter projects have always had two things in common: Innovation and fun. In that regard, among the new wave of incoming arena shooters, Reflex is one of it's kind. An honest clone of Q3 CPM with necessary features and tools for today's market.

Sorry but that post made me laugh Big Grin.

People don't play games if they are not fun. Reflex strikes me as a game that is aiming at being a competitive based FPS. Lets use quake and UT as examples, these were games that were not made to be pure competitive games, they were fun games and within that a hardcore community created competitive settings to suit there tastes.

Reflex seems to be aimed at the hardcore competitive players. I'm not saying it wont be popular but they failed with there kickstarter and at the moment it feels like it has a map editor and nice physics engine but that's about it. There's so much work to be done on that game.
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(12-12-2014, 11:55 AM)kojn^ Wrote: Lets use quake and UT as examples, these were games that were not made to be pure competitive games, they were fun games and within that a hardcore community created competitive settings to suit there tastes.
Games without infinite reputation and marketing just simply won't survive in the long run if it's more emphasized on fun than competition. There's always a competitive side to a game and when the popularity shrinks down that side is often what remains to keep it alive. You should know that, you hosted a cup with prize money which more or less boosted the activity in Xonotic for the duration of the event. The fun side of Xonotic (instagib, overkill and whatnot) is what keeps new players coming in and what keeps players hooked in longer, sure. Yet, that is a side which half of the Xonotic community denies as the face of Xonotic. If this is not arena shooter fans disliking "fun" then I don't know what it is.

I've tried lots of Free/OS FPS shooter games but after discovering Xonotic and seeing how its can create all sort of niche server with the SMB/ESK mod, there's no reason to go anywhere else.
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Anyone played it yet!?

Played a few rounds quickly last night with asyyy on same server.

First impressions very good, took me a good 20 minutes just to realise how fast the gameplay is, it's quite mental. I had a ton of fun in it.

Weapons very strong, Rocketlauncher is the go to gun at the moment but there all good to be honest!

Thing that impressed me the most was how smooth and polished the game was to be honest, very impressive.

Anyhow some issues with mouse sensitivity and visibility for me but I didnt really fiddle with them for long so to be expected.

So othet peoples thoughts who have tried it so far?
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It's fun, but it has issues, the RL is super overpowered, the other guns are alright as well but the RL... damn. You die really quickly anyway in this game, although the pistol is junk.

It also has some visibility issues, I found the HUD to be kinda useless, and the kill messages are weird too, like it first displays you made a double kill and then it decides to display who you killed. First time I picked up ammo I didn't even know what it was supposed to be, bad visibility there as well. Flamethrower is hard to use because of the simple fact that it blinds you while using it.

Mouse is fine to me, UE3 has some mouse issues but I heard that they go away if you cap the FPS at 57 or something, so I put it to 58 and completely turned off mouse accel, feels nice and snappy now.

So yeah, good start, but it needs more maps Big Grin

Gameplay video vs bots:
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I read to set the FPS at your monitors refresh rate fixes the mouse thing you mentioned. I also find the HUD hard to use, as in I can't kind of glance and know what I have, ammo and health wise etc easily. Same issues with the pickups, need to be more clear or something so I know what the hell ammo it is!

Same issues as you for me Archer but yea otherwise it is fun Smile
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(01-23-2015, 05:42 AM)kojn^ Wrote: I read to set the FPS at your monitors refresh rate fixes the mouse thing you mentioned.

Not entirely though, it was something weird, either capping slightly above or below the refresh rate fixed it for people with trouble in UT3, so I imagined it would be the same thing here. I forgot where I read it though....
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How do you know it's fixed though? I Guess you can just tell that it feels a lot better? I'll have a play later anyway with the settings.

Did you manage to change the crosshair or lower the graphical details so you can see stuff?
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(01-23-2015, 06:14 AM)kojn^ Wrote: How do you know it's fixed though? I Guess you can just tell that it feels a lot better? I'll have a play later anyway with the settings.

Did you manage to change the crosshair or lower the graphical details so you can see stuff?

It felt snappier, before it felt as if it was delayed a bit, as if something is holding the mouse when I move it, or I'm just insensitive to any issue there is now.

I haven't played much with visuals aside from setting motionblur to minimum, which is the only thing that bothered me so far. I don't think there are settings for the crosshair atm
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[My personal website: AquaNova ] - <> - [Ingame: <PsyX> :::: <-Archer-< :::: ]

My first impression is very good, now it needs more content + competitive features (warmup, locked teams etc).
Mouse accel wouldn't turn off for me so that was annoying, but I haven't tried tweaking the ini yet.

Movement and weapons are cool.. you can see that they focused on giving newbies a decent base to play on, while still making it hard to master.
All in all I had the most pub fun in years last night. Things that this game does right: short rounds. Each match only lasts 5-10 minutes, then the map changes and teams are shuffled. Good weapons. Even though they got a first and secondary fire mode, I managed to learn the basics of all of them within 30 minutes or so. It is possible to get frags even if you are completely new and play vs experienced players. They will still own you of course, but you get your frags and after 5-10 minutes the next map starts with a clean scoresheet.


Oh yea the rocket launcher is awesome, made a double airrocket while the enemy tried to escape on a jumppad 10/10

Edit: their roadmap looks promising too

I also managed to make a double air-rocket asyyy also, he got bounced off the ground somehow beforehand.

It's weird you wouldn't think it happens, but there is definitely a nice bit of 'bounce' to the player's at time's if you land the shot right when they jump or dodge, seen quite a few people go flying Big Grin

Rocket launcher also, I love the speed of it, so I can imagine some really nice frags in the future as long as they don't make it slower (I have a feeling with all the people wanting it weaker, people will suggest making it slower, but there is no need).

Agree also, had a lot of fun on the publics, that's where I'll be next week also Smile

Thanks for the tips link also, reading it now.
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I heard it supports 640x480, that's cool. Could someone test it and confirm that the HUD and menus stay in proportion (don't stretch out of the screen)? Screenshots of 480p ingame/menus would be lovely too.

Someone asked that before Smilecythe, I believe they said do stay in proportion atleast scaling up.

specialone uses that resolution says HUD is fine Smilecythe all proportioned.
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I very much enjoyed playing on publics, had like 4hours strait session on the opening night Big Grin
Totally love the rocket, also very strong guns. I recommend this game for every FPS gamer out there! Beats reflex tenfold.

kojn asyyy specialone lets put up a 4v4 team and gameon! Big Grin

It has two downsides though, which make it a no-go for me: it seems to run on Windows only, and you can only buy it via steam. It seems I get increasingly incompatible to the world.
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Yes you are right, unfortunately that is the case, it did not work on linux, not possible to get it working just yet! We gotta wait for wine to advance Smile

As a gamer, i do have win7 as my second platform so i'am set for any games =) Would miss a lot, if i didnt play different games with my friends! Rven tho, the mouse over there is HORRIBLE compared to what it is on linux. Well, atleast a reason to log to win now more than once a year 8)

Gave it a go. I like what it has to offer, so far it feels like they took what UT2k4 got right and ditched all the bullshit I hated about it (cartoony look, nerf guns that didn't feel right, etc.). When the rest of it's content gets added, it may very well be a serious threat to the new Unreal Tournament that's under development. My only real complaint is that you can't change any of your options if you are in a match (this is problematic for when you are first setting the game up when you free roam a map) and that feign death is for some reason in the game, but not visible in the GUI.

Oh wait.

After watching few gameplay vids, it looks to me like they're just UT3ing it like I expected they would. With that I'm referring to one of UT3's mistakes as an arena shooter which was having lots of noise for map details and player models, can't see enemies when there's lots of sparks and light thrown at your face. Blending into environment shouldn't be a game mechanic in an arena shooter, that falls into the "bullshit" and "not 90's" category. Looking at some of the config code from it looks identical to any other UE game mostly, I wonder if I can just copy and paste my UT3 config and maybe get some fullbright models to go with it. That would be cool and no more reasons for me to not buy Toxikk.

Hm.... This actually looks pretty much like CoD to me. Something similar with the GUI, that stupid score system, doesn't work on Linux.... Howether it looks better, and the guns are so much more beautiful .
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Yes, although Toxikk might not be my pick, I would cheer for it if it came to fashion and replace Cod for good.

Haven't managed to play it a lot yet, when I have though I have been quite noob still but never got bored!

I dont seem to have a timer on my screen though like some screens I have seen from videos (match time).

A lot of the negative reviews on steam are from people who have played it for 0.3 hours or say the rocket launcher is OP (It is bit tbh).

Best early release game I have played anyway.

Anyone here who crashes on the server browser, when you click on the button that takes you too it, don't move the mouse whilst the sound plays or over the servers in the browser list, give it a few seconds let them populate then move the mouse after. When I do that it doesn't crash at all, if I do move my mouse as soon as im on the server bit it crashes.
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The Cerberus rocket launcher was nerfed from doing 100 damage per shot to 85. This also affects the splash damage.

The spawn time for the Cerberus was increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds

The fire rate of the Cerberus was nerfed from 0.8 to 1.0 seconds

When picked up, the Cerberus now has 8 rockets instead of 10

The rockets ammo pack at the spawn point of the Cerberus was removed in Foundation.

Why don't they remove that weapon altogether.. Sad

They should have just nerfed the splash damage :/ what a bunch of losers.

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