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[SOLVED] No weapon drop on instagib xonotic 0.8

hi folks,

seems I found an issue on 0.8 xon-version.
A killed oppunent dosn.t drop weapon so you cant pickup ammo Tongue
But maybe my fault or bad config?

GreetZ Su

It seems you did. I will look into it, but fix won't be part of 0.8, unfortunately.
[Image: 230.png]

We can probably provide a patch for server admins through unofficial channels though, maybe? Breaking insta is a bit ugly.

EDIT: I'm surprised we're only finding out now though. Don't any of those insta servers run git?

Almost all the instagib servers run Git, but most provide infinite ammo and so don't use weapon drops.

The Regulars server uses limited ammo though, I am very curious now how they didn't notice it, considering they've been running Git for a long time...
[Image: 230.png]

I guess on CTF-Instagib servers with infinite ammo noone noticed ..

But when playing in a duel on a map like basement which didn.t provide any ammo the player depends on the dropped ammo of his victim.

Anyway - if there is a solution pls tell me.
Otherwise I wouldn.t switch servers to new version.

GreetZ Su

g_balance_vaporizer_weaponthrowable 1

It's 0 by default and does not get dropped then. This works offline at least.

@Mario: This seems to be a misleading cvar name? Or just a bug that any weapon does not get dropped if set to 0?

yey - Mirio - you are my hero Big Grin

g_balance_vaporizer_weaponthrowable 1
works on server too ...

Thank you very very much Heart

GreetZ Su

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