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[WIP] Chambers - Non-Euclidian DM Map

So, I started this a while ago, but for some reason forgot about it. I thought the map files were lost and deleted by now, but huzzah! I found them just the other day going through one of my old backups and was wondering if anyone would like to see this finished?
It's a Deathmatch map inspired by the game Antichamber (which is amazing). I've extensively used worldportals and a minimal texture/colour scheme to mimic the style of the game.
It's a long way from being done, and I haven't too much experience with making Quake-style maps, but if you people want it, I'll be sure to put in some extra time and post it here when done.

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Heh, amazing. I have never finished antichamber because it got too weird later on.

Is your environment interactive? That means: Paths appear (or dissapear) as you walk on them , Gravity changes, Special portals that remove ammunition/weapons/health and Stairs that appear from the ground, room rotating around you and you don't even know where is up and down... This kind of stuff!

(01-19-2015, 07:33 AM)Justin Wrote: Is your environment interactive?

Stuff like this is planned yes. Annoyingly, I don't know too much about developing q3 maps. I do have a good knowledge of programming, so I'm okay on that front; I just have no idea where to find resources related to making scripts that run in-game to manipulate geometry/entities.
I figured out how to implement a cel shader based on a small pdf on q3 shaders, that's about it Sad

Anyone have any good resources to where I can learn more about scripts for Xonotic?
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Quote:Anyone have any good resources to where I can learn more about scripts for Xonotic?
Hi, MrDetonia. Your map looks interesting, if you still want to do Xonotic mapping, you can check my branch Penguinum/Antiwall in xonotic-data.pk3dir. I have implemented some Antichamber-like things in this branch, it will probably be merged. If not — you can use my code as base anyway. I'll probably be offline for quite a long time, and will not be able to explain how to use new abilities, but test map will explain everything.

Good luck!

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