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[SOLVED] Can I disable "while in the midair press jump and jetpack is activated"


I have binded left shift to jetpack. But I found that whenever I press jump in mid air, jetpack is activated. In fact I was just preparing for skiing. Can I disable this? This is quite annoying.

This happens only in 0.8. In 0.7 it was working fine, no unintended activation of jetpack.

I believe the required command in console (activated by holding SHIFT and pressing ESC) is this: seta cl_jetpack_jump 0
Jetpack activation while jumping is a new feature of 0.8, to make the jetpack more accessible to most and allow using hook alongside jetpack.
[Image: 230.png]

LOL!! I assigned left ALT to be the jetpack key, and every time I hold SPACE to jump, jetpack is activated, so I opened up my keyboard to clean the dust because I thought there must be a hair or something connecting the contacts between the two keys!

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