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Shotgun Cannon (large images)

from the side it looks to round imo. just everything is round.

but from the player pov - really nice Big Grin

edit: that was a lie. from player pov its awesome. really. Big Grin

edit2: just as c.brutail said, the more i look at it, the more i like it.

but defenitively not for the shotgun. at first it doesnt look like a sotgun. second, it looks like a railgun (like c.brutail said Smile ), like something futuristic, something space-y Smile the shotgun is know since the 17th century.... and third, this
(04-05-2010, 06:04 PM)theShadow Wrote: early wip shotgun.
[Image: shotgun.jpg?t=1270508564]

is far better for a shotgun Smile

Really amazing Lamoot!

I personally love the round view from the side too. That makes it look better imo.

As for being something other than the shotgun, I'm once again unsure because of the lower handle, which makes it look a lot like a shotgun. I think this model has one issue; From the side it looks like a great sci-fi shotgun, but from the player POV it looks like something bigger (maybe mortar).

[EDIT] I was too impatient and had to port the current WIP for a test Smile I don't think it looks bad for a shotgun at all (of course it doesn't say much untextured and not positioned properly). Here are some screenshots:

[Image: wl4d5inkii4b6sapy5pr_thumb.jpg] [Image: 93nsf8ssa3fgfo6xac7p_thumb.jpg] [Image: z4xh8jxsi98pzf434zj_thumb.jpg] [Image: bm1lj3n8lolpq7kjwc_thumb.jpg] [Image: 2md4ibnfbdmv2n3cm68_thumb.jpg]

Well, of course it's not exactly a regular shotgun, it's Shotgun Cannon Smile firing depleted uranium shrapnel. I intentionally tried avoiding a look too similar to today's weapons. If Xonotic is sci-fi, it should feel like it.

MirceaKitsune nice to see the model in-game. Indeed it lacks textures and proper position and everything, but these things are yet to come Smile More info once I get back to working on the thing. I'll probably ask one of you to export the model to Xonotic with all it's textures as it would be very useful to test and see it in-game during the texturing process. But no rush Smile

i really can stop thinking its a mortar, no matter what angle I look at it.

btw Great work!
There's nothing better than getting off you butt and contributing to a community. There is no excuse when it comes to computers. Spend a little of you playing time, giving back Smile

Also, don't forget the idle animations (the swaying).

Great work, Lamoot Smile
As for me this model would fit nicely for the Electro.
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Oh, wanted to make a small suggestion on something I noticed. Not sure if this is due to model not being complete, but for Xonotic I think it's a bad idea to leave part of a model cut away. The model used for the 1st person view is also the in-hand model seen on players (g_weapon is only the drop model). There is also the possibility for different changes like new animations, which could show the weapon from any angle. Don't think the cutting improves anything that could be noticeable either. So personally, I'd go with leaving any weapon model complete, if I'm not wrong.

As for positioning and exporting it when it's ready, I can do that. But I can't export the zym or dpm versions, only the md3's (unless someone knows any working blender scripts for them).

Use the zym compiler from the nex forums. There is no zym or dpm compiler for blender.

You can export smd from blender, and thus make zym/dpm -

However the you can also use IQM, this actuality has a export script that goes all the way directly from blender and its actively developed so its looking like the better choice atm.

That looks (to me) like the Electro. Very good, I can't wait.

Camping nerds and their xons....

(05-01-2010, 09:49 AM)unfa Wrote: Great work, Lamoot Smile
As for me this model would fit nicely for the Electro.


Oh wait.

Yes, it does fit better for the Electro than for the shotgun.
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I kinda of like it as a shotgun or shotgun cannon. Seems a lot more unique than a typical shotgun. Also keep in mind it hasn't been textured yet, which will probably make a big difference. I honestly don't see it as an electro, but then again that's just my opinion.

I'm all for weapons looking different than they normally do, but (lol contradiction here) it simply does not look like a shotgun. It does look like the kind of weapon (since it has so many similarities to a flintlock) that would fire balls though.

Oh wait.

I think it was intended to be more of a shotgun cannon to be honest, not a shotgun.

To me the form of it suggests that it would be able to make "blub". Like spitting out electro balls.
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I'm on the electro side of this fence. Never seen a shotgun like that.

Made some progress - the ambient occlusion bake. Now I have all the ingredients to start the actual texturing progress. The AO texture comes in two parts. Mind you, the final model will have only 1 diffuse texture, but for modularity and texturing purpose I've kept them separate so I can control the final result better. Released as GPL 2.0 (or 3.0 if Xonotic needs it). I'd ask someone from the development team to download these two images (and the two files in my previous post) as a backup in case my computer explodes or is hit by a meteor.

As I mentioned in the previous post, those parts are missing because Blender can't show mirrored normal maps properly so I left them out. The shotgun will be a complete model once exported to Xonotic Wink

Thanks for the link, I'll look into this one. The more direct way to get the model in-game, the better Smile

Design discussion:
It seems different people have very different ideas and interpretations of the model. I won't go deep into the discussion since everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of the design and how can you argue about subjective perception?

A late revive (but imo a worthy one). How is this model going? I've been thinking about new weapon models recently, and remembered this great new shotgun. The silence and lack of news on it makes me feel it's getting forgotten, and I think it would be a big shame with this model.

Are there any plans on finishing it? And if the mesh itself is finished, texturing it so it can be added to GIT?

Oook. Since there was no reply here even after a revive, I decided to take matters into my own hands / paws, and continue the model from the last updates posted by the author. So far it's going well. I fixed the mesh entirely (the right side of the model was missing), improved and fixed UV mapping, and am currently working on the texture.

The model is close to being ready, as far as I'm concerned. I mostly need to add more detail to the texture, as it's still too gray and simple in most areas. Only issue is that the env-map won't show like on the other weapons, even if I updated the weapons.shader file and created a _reflect texture. I also need to generate the w_*.zym model, which I could never figure out what is for (why not just v_*.md3 and g_*.md3?)

If anyone wishes to try the new shotgun, you can switch to the branch mirceakitsune/shotgun_cannon in data.pk3dir. If you don't use GIT or don't want to change branches, you can download the pk3 from here: link 1, link 2. NOTE: If placing the pk3 in your data folder doesn't work, it means you must temporarily delete the current shotgun models (or rename them to something else). Please post opinions on what you think so far! Some screenshots of the prettiness (later ones are more recent):

[Image: 9yz052zlq24sa0dhnb7k_thumb.jpg] [Image: ffg7kx3802azdiby_thumb.jpg] [Image: xnodkk6vr6rqjbqqc00_thumb.jpg] [Image: lccm4v58wh175ktx2jcr_thumb.jpg] [Image: pw9zeeineh6p2nwg7lc_thumb.jpg] [Image: e40ns5veapt2iomkv4nd_thumb.jpg] [Image: k1tpycykz0pjg3vglb7q_thumb.jpg] [Image: vwz0dsbzrdcaou9dopx5_thumb.jpg] [Image: o15ym5ap2ph6isq4uaia_thumb.jpg] [Image: cqu3tww4vq3pyqtpum1_thumb.jpg] [Image: ea9j6yad7mr992ynit4_thumb.jpg] [Image: 3gs7y7p5lm6z3ru96ywg_thumb.jpg] [Image: e33v8xd77dlx01eoibqw_thumb.jpg] [Image: x59nmju9364acako7ll_thumb.jpg] [Image: 1twpzma4w5c5kyxzvii7_thumb.jpg] [Image: ln9x31gbxazw57e089dj_thumb.jpg] [Image: 9v0dj90wd9ao5jea2ve_thumb.jpg] [Image: u0pxn70h9i9m47s7plip_thumb.jpg]

Very nice MicreaKitsune!

I added the pk3 to my git xonotic data, then removed the old shotgun md3, but the model would only show when somebody dropped it or I discarded it. Anyway, gave me a good enough look at it.
Edit: Oh, I only did the g_weapon.

As far as the weapon it should be assigned to, I hear rumor of Electro being separated from LG, maybe this could be the new LG? You could take the black fan-like part in the middle and make it glow blue, right now it reminds me of a leaf blower Wink

Also, do you model/uv unwrap/other in Blender? I'm searching for an exporter that I can get to work. I've found a few, but I can't seem to get them to work, I'd like some help here so I can help Smile

Yes, I'm doing everything in Blender. The md3 exporter for it should still be around, if not I can post it.

As for the weapon it should be assigned to, I still go with the shotgun myself. The design feels just right, and I also configured all parts of it to be optimized for a shotgun (mesh and texture). Changing it now would be difficult, and imo there's no weapon it could be better for. But that's a very debated topic, and everyone is kind of unsure what weapon it would go for.

i was trying it today for a while, it fits to shotgun pretty well in my opinion. Nice work.
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w_ model should be that one which represents weapon in the world, for instance, lying on the ground or spinning in the air where it spawned. Other two are equipped weapon in player hands as other players see it (probably g_ model) and obviously viewmodel, with v_ prefix. For instance, in Half-Life and it's successors there are always three models for each weapon, v_*.mdl / w_*.mdl / p_*.mdl . If this system came from Quake, it should be the same here.


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