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Shotgun Cannon (large images)

g_ model is the one on the ground spinning. v_ model is the third person and first person model. h_ model handles the swaying anims and positioning like an invisible handle.

Great work! Smile

I'm +1 for LG. Because the fireball model is already being developed, and the design of the weapon has no function to support that it is a shotgun.

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There's nothing better than getting off you butt and contributing to a community. There is no excuse when it comes to computers. Spend a little of you playing time, giving back Smile

I can't think of anything but a shotgun when looking at this. It's also that I added elements to the texture which are shotgun specific (such as the shotgun crosshair and a SHOTGUN label on one of the shell chambers). They can be changed if really needed... though if used for any other weapon, I believe the mesh would also need to be redesigned. Eg: For a grenade launcher, the pipe would need to be larger diameter, which would likely look bad. For a lightning gun / something similar to the nex, it would need to be smaller diameter instead, which would be hard and risky changes, and imho not as good looking as now.

BTW. This model looks to me as a very Half life 2-ish shotgun Big Grin

[EDIT] I've also seen many games with weapon models that are meant to be shotguns, but don't necessarily look like shotguns otherwise. Feeling wise however, they resemble a weapon that can be like a shotgun. Here are some examples I randomly googled, which IMO don't look like classic shotguns, but resemble the base design and idea well enough:

[Image: 174_max.jpg]

[Image: 716_max.jpg]

[Image: Shaun_Mechen_ShotGun_Game_Mesh.jpg]

[Image: 790_max.jpg]

Dont take me wrong, Mircea, but when I see your latest pictures about a shotgun, they remember me somehow on a handheld vacuum cleaner Big Grin

Even Im not sure... arent models for other weapons more important?

Anyway, good work Wink

Nah... many said it looks like a hairdrier or a leaf blower instead Tongue Just don't see why is all. If anything, I'd say the current laser model looks too much like a lego toy, and other weapons could look much better for what they're meant to be instead. Also, this shotgun model is still not fully textured, and the texture could use more details (but I'm bad at this so I just did what I could).

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