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[SOLVED] texture shows in NetRadiant but not in game

Question 1:

I'm learning about mapping but I got stuck with this likely-to-be-very-basic problem:

I managed to have 6 custom textures shown in NetRadiant:


but I couldn't figure out why it doesn't show in the actual game:


I'm attaching the pk3 file. (Please ignore the readme file. That was for another game and doesn't apply to this map at all.)

Question 2:

Am I even using the texture wrong? What I'm trying to do is just some calligraphy art on the wall, as decoration.

Question 3:

I understand Oblivian led a discussion on setting the artistic guideline for the game (and I agree at that). I assume it's for the official art/maps only. Unofficial mappers are not discouraged to make whatever, correct?

Attached Files
.pk3   bfg_fly_or_die.pk3 (Size: 789.1 KB / Downloads: 3)

I don´t have a working NetRadiant so I´m not able to have a look at your map but it seems like you are using so called decals the wrong way. Create your walls as usual (with no cut off parts!) and then place a thin brush on top of that wall. You are currently seeing the black background void because your decal shader renders partially transparent (with the opaque part being black too in your case!).

Oh and you might want to turn off gl_picmip. Wink Press Shift+Esc and enter:
gl_picmip_world 0

Thank you, @Maddin. You are right: gl_picmip_world made the shaders visable now (dark transparent, as you said), so at least I know it's getting the right paths. I'll go learn about decals.

It's incredible you can tell where the problem is without even seeing the map!

Thank you! Glad I could help!

Well, I have a couple of years of experience in mapping so I kind of see the all the polygons as I walk through a map... Big Grin It is simply experience which lets you see things, nothing special.

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