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TrenchBroom level-editor compatible with Xonotic?


Just found out about this recently, haven't tried it myself but apparently it's the editor Reflex's ingame map editor was based off of.

Currently compatible games:
-Quake2 (unofficial addon)
-Reflex (wip/unofficial addon)

I'm not sure if compatibility with Quake1 means it's also compatible with Xonotic, I'm not smart enough to know. If it doesn't blend, someone should approach them about it or at least take a look. Having a convenient editor like this could mean a boost of activity in Xonotic mapping similar to Reflex.


while darkplaces can certainly run Quake I map, Xonotic uses the Quake III bsp format. So no, at the moment it would not work.

Looks like a pretty nice editor, would be cool to see q3 bsp format support. Smile

I will just add a question because i am confused. This software says it is not yet compatible with Xonotic. But it is supporting Quake 3 mapping. So my question is if it is already compatible through Q3 support or there is a catch to make it work with Xonotic?
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

They had a [unfortunate] blog post about this, bottom of the post on the top of that page:

Quote:One final note: we tried adding Xonotic support, but they completely messed up the directory and file hierarchy to the point of insanity. So until those guys get their act together, QuArK won't be able to provide proper support for it. Sorry

This was 07/10/2013 (95 weeks and 5 days ago), so maybe that has changed and we can ask them about it.

So to clarify; Supporting q3 mapping does NOT make a editor automagically Xonotic compatible. It (or explicit xonotic support) is however required for there to be any hope of it working at all.

In most cases you can likely work around the limitations of editors that don't get the pk3dir thing (i made GtkRadiant 1.4 work with xonotic, for example) if you know roughly where to start poking.

Uhh, looks like we might get a late xmas present:

No official Xonotic support so far (I think), but with some conversion in Netradiant it should work and hopefully official DP support will follow.

See what map editing in trenchbroom2 looks like (a bit older video):

This could really revive quake engine mapping!

TrenchBroom doesn't support patches yet; Xonotic uses them a lot for stuff.

They are a band-aid from quake3 days, so no real need to use them when mapping :p


Cool! Has anyone checked to see if Xon works on it?
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

There is an issue which requests support for Xonotic:

For now it is possible to open maps with Trenchbroom created in NetRadiant but not the other way. As soon as you make changes with Trenchbroom, NetRadiant can't display the map again.

New RC release a short while ago:
While there still isn't quake3 bsp support in, I guess together with this:
one could just make a regular quake-map (with similar advanced lighting features) and run in in Xonotic? Presumably Darkplaces has no problem loading it.

Final 2.0 is out!
See a nice tutorial here:
Focus for version 2.1 seems to be Quake3 bsp support, thus Xonotic mapping should be easily possible soon Smile

(02-18-2018, 11:40 AM)poVoq Wrote: Focus for version 2.1 seems to be Quake3 bsp support, thus Xonotic mapping should be easily possible soon Smile
Yes please!

I dream with a clean and easy method to add/edit/view vertices and a decent texture projection tool.



(11-26-2018, 12:46 PM)poVoq Wrote: New release:

Oh and Quake3 map support is finally in progress:

yay, this is great news!

(12-03-2018, 09:45 PM)-z- Wrote:
(11-26-2018, 12:46 PM)poVoq Wrote: New release:

Oh and Quake3 map support is finally in progress:

yay, this is great news!

Quake3 map support apparently not fully done yet, but this release claims to parse Quake3 maps, shaders and pk3 files. Plus experimental Q3 config support.

Can't test it right now, but this sounds very promising!

Edit: .md3 also seems to work in the development version:

And another 2 released that fix a lot of q3bsp related issues:
Anyone up for writing a config file for Xonotic?

I'm excited for this.
iMac OS Monterey 12.1
Xonotic 0.8.2 autobuild


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