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Introducing RconGui: a graphical front-end for remote server administration

I just finished making RconGui, a graphical application for the administration of Xonotic servers.

It gives a nice interface to do quick administration tasks on Xonotic servers, like viewing the status, kicking/banning players, running simple commands or changing cvars.

Notable Featues
  • Server management
    • Save server connections for quick access
    • Manage/view multiple servers at the same time
  • Server status overview
    • Customizable player actions (default: kick, kickban and mute)
    • Customizable quick commands (default: fs_rescan, restart, endmatch)
    • Map selection
  • Interactive console
    • Cvar autocompletion
    • Cvar expansion
    • Option to attach to the server run-time log
    • History of recent commands
  • Cvar viewer
    • View/edit values
    • Advanced filtering
    • Cvar description
    • Unset cvar
    • Reset cvars to their default value
  • Many configuration options to tweak the tool to fit specific needs

Technical details
Written using C++11, using Boost.Asio and Qt5 Widgets, should be easily portable but I haven't tried it on many systems yet.
Uses CMake as build system.
The license is GPLv3+.

Status view
Map selection
Cvar list

Well done! I very much like that you have a drop-down for maps, and quick action buttons for players. Thank you!

You have 3 login security options. Does Xonotic support time-based and challenge-based ones? All three options worked for me so I wonder whether the insecure one is the fallback scheme.

By default Xonotic uses rcon_secure 1 (the time-based one). AFAIK servers often use rcon_secure 0.

The problem is that time-based encryption won't work for servers in different timezones or if your local system time isn't synchronized to the server (I think it accepts a 5 seconds difference by default).

Challenge-based encryption should be secure but sometimes doesn't work properly.

For RconGui to work you need to set the secure option to match rcon_secure in the server.
If that (or the password) don't match the server settings it will be able to connect but not to send commands, so the status page should be empty.

Well well good time to come back with some servers. You didn't have to release on account of me coming back, but the thought is much appreciated.
[MoFo] Servers - North America - Hosted in Montreal Canada - Admin DeadDred [MoFo]

Anything for you Tongue

(07-05-2015, 04:58 AM)Melanosuchus Wrote: By default Xonotic uses rcon_secure 1 (the time-based one). AFAIK servers often use rcon_secure 0.

Thanks. Didn't know that. I wonder why the default isn't secure, or why the template cfg file doesn't mention this. I'll probably suggest to add that into the template.

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