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xonotic worded/ themed , written rap battle!

ok , a quick and easy comp for everyone ,for fun, like that game , we play, cos we play it all day , epic tricks , nex hits , givin u the the shits
because i shot you , you fall down , blood comes out of you , or confettie , all pretty , not you because your gone , go find your teddy, epic maps , epic players , epic tunes , make way , give me room , have to finish this rap battle , so i can f10 , but ill miss the game , and have to go play it allllllll over again.

some thing like this^

winner recieves a fully refurbished f10 button

(please wait for delivery , time takes from 2 weeks , to infinity)



xon to the tic, no mispelled nex-uiz,
i will transmit the rest via telepathy directly into your brain.


Aim and hit - First Blood
A brief look at the HUD
Shows me what i got
Armor, health and all that
i need pickups
They decide whether i survive - or not
The rules: frag all others, don't get shot
That's _MY_ Quad!
The situation's getting hot
Must overcome health- and armor-rot
"Awesome! Did Yoda show you that?"
Somebody calls me cheater, he says i use a bot
Obviously a n0ob - he's also spamming a lot
Then there's a camper; always in one spot
Not for long!
4m038105 - Be the change.

im feelin it , im feelin it!

peel a cap back!


ok 4am won!

ty sir

mailing new f10 button asap

Yaaay!!!! XD

Thank you everyone! This was just possible because of my fans! i thank my family - THANK YOU MOMMY!!!! - i thank Freddy, and Chip, i thank partial sanity.... and a special thank you to Sandy- THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!! i love you!

Disclaimer: The above persons and thanks are partially entirely made up.
4m038105 - Be the change.

That's actually quite good Mr. 4m.

You call me a noob 4m? D:

ok then i have to answer

I come home, and start xonotic
Players die my weapon makes BOOM BOOM Click
But I don’t care , coz my mission is to get the flag
And because of that I have to kill those nooby fags

I jump over many things and gain some speed
Im sure the others now think that im a fucking freak
I catch the flag and run away
And then suddenly I say


4M killed me with an unbelievable shot
He says im a noob and he means he is hot
I disagree and shout your a emo
He answers fast and sends me the demo

I watch it and its really sick
He reacted so fast I couldn’t even say click
I have to admit 4m your really insane
And that’s why I now stop with this crappy flame

sry for my failenglisch xD
This message was written with 100% recycled electrons!!! Angel
No trees were destroyed and no animals were harmed.


That was pretty cool for a made-up story! XD

Actually, the only time somebody called me cheater (of what i remember) was when somebody started collectively calling everybody on the server a cheater. i think he even called the server a cheater. Big Grin
4m038105 - Be the change.

what is this , more people rhymin more shitz, cool man , keep goin , ill crack u a can , of beer , u deserve it , drink it down , it does the trick? , hell yer! , you drunk , dont worry , ill hold back your hair , while u spew , COS I JUST SHOT YOU!


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