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all are welcome at hightime deathmatch

monkey  update to 0.8.2 is complete, and both ffa and gib are now the latest stable

minstanex  we've had some issues with autobuild performance @ gib, but now we can get the desired blaster behavior from the release

erebus  amazing thanks to the hacking squad for the additional maps, muchos besos!!!!!!


ehm, why is this monkey icon here, I had to visit a specialist to release depression.

(04-06-2017, 02:49 PM)Ch4mp Wrote: ehm, why is this monkey icon here, I had to visit a specialist to release depression.

don't worry, be happy, and feel the Heart, mon. Ch4mp is mere 2 bits away from Ch1mp Smile

boom minstanex headshot

after many different attempts at making the binary pre-fabs work, we came to a conclusion that something in them causes a performance drag on the server, manifesting as mystery lag spikes & excessive skipping. 0.8.1 release binary seemed to be quite good, but the autobuilds leading up to 0.8.2 ranged in quality from ok to awful, and 0.8.2 release binary was quite bad.


so we tried building from git, and the quality seems to have improved. it was quite nice to see that the build instructions work flawlessly on both stable debian (server) and a slackware derivative (client).


both servers will run post-release git for now, while the testing continues.

long time no see, everyone Smile

we are immensely exited to announce an upcoming hardware update. just around march 26 we will be moving hightime to a 4-core blade with 6x or so bogomips. there may be some downtime (perhaps up to a few days, but hopefully none at all), and the ip address may change during the transition, but everything else is expected to remain as it is.

if you tried hightime before, you may have noticed occasional lag spikes. after much testing we concluded that the bottleneck is none other that the chipset, with 2 chokey cores falling short of the task at hand. with this update we are hoping to deliver the silky-smooth gameplay we always envisioned.

minstanex  the hardware upgrade is complete, enjoy the 4 cores monkey

Huh  for some reason, the servers show up in the in-game browser, but not in this web list:

we can see individual servers via web too, if we edit the ip in the url:

what gives?  Huh

I get this same problem on my server too.

No real conclusive solution.
Xonotic exists for a long time and low player count is the proof that nobody wants to play Xonotic since it is a bad game by default.
- Lyberta, 2017

(03-25-2018, 07:58 AM)Antares* Wrote: I get this same problem on my server too.

No real conclusive solution.

understood, no biggie. Idea  4got to mention... we discovered the issue a few months ago by accident, with old setup, never reported because were hoping it would just go away ™ but it didn't. it persisted happily Big Grin  through the upgrade, even though we bumped the os (debian stretch now) and replaced autobiuild server with stable universal blob again.

Angel in line with the best practices for not being bent over and violated repeatedly Dodgy  we moved our source repo from github to gitlab Heart

a massive feature shuffle brings
  • g_grappling_hook votable Rolleyes
  • custom maps: the longest yard & space camping grounds Big Grin
  • source update to the state that almost makes sense Dodgy

minstanex   new map: tuhma   monkey

every now and then, a release arrives to the scene that is both momentously epic and serendipitously timely.

first there was greg kuperberg's paratrooper.

then there was blizzard north's diablo ii.

then, for a long time, nothing happened.

until today.

hightime is proud to introduce a move in a bold new direction.  we are relaxing our long-standing built-ins-only policy, and going all out to hunt for awesome new maps. a current version of this list will soon be moved to the first post. please help us by figuring out map authors so that we can credit them properly.

hightime select
  • 252aggressor by fruitiex is a faithful remake of the dynamic oa mushpit, great for duels and up.
  • tuhma by smilecythea is a fun cozy map with hilarious textures, a bit unforgiving when it comes to free space, but cleverly tangled. it features risque themes, and is mildly offensive to crylink fans (crylink itself not included).
  • above is a fantastic beauty suspended over a gorgeous sunset in the upper stratosphere. this mid-sized futuristic platform will push you to be alert at all times, and you will find that it's much easier to go down than up.
  • dmp14_q3 is large, wide open, and full of that windy breezy feeling. this map is an absolute riot for anyone who likes to move in all 3 dimensions and rain the justice from up high. the balance is superb: the line of sight is deftly splintered by force fields, and the only vortex on this map is the massive cyclone beneath.
  • spacecamp_ql is a deviously scrambled timeless classic, furnished with all the standard weapons, even the crylink, for those lucky enough to discover its secret.
arte de cortez
  • castle-beta2 is a craftful and inspired remake of yago's castle (outside). cortez adds much-needed depth and flourish to an already well balanced classic ctf arena. though still in beta, this map has the promise of a masterpiece.
  • downer_final_r1 is a beautifully laid out 3d labyrinth that makes you feel anything but claustrophobic.
  • phrantic is a duel-sized compound with clean lines and the layout executed to perfection. the deceptively simple design creates a deep feeling and an amazing, instantly recognizable atmosphere seemingly out of nothing.
  • the_yard is the longest yard remake 2 kill 4, enough said.
enter the debugger
  • breath_b7 features flawless layout combined with spot-on texturing and simple yet refreshingly cute interior design. taken together, these qualities put this compact map at the very top of any ffa list.
under review
  • windsongkeep_q3 by phantazm11 is a castle. everyone likes castles, and who can say no to virtual blood splatter over color-stained mosaic windows? and yet we are cautiously noncommittal because of the subtle redundancy in the layout, with similar passages and rooms dulling the sense of direction.
  • terminus_q3 by frs is a large map with dark, moody rooms and an intricate spiderweb of passages spanning all 3 dimensions. our only reservation is the sheer size of this dungeon.

here are some xonotic wallpapers we would like to share with the community. we are planning on expanding this collection with more glamor shots of the featured maps. we cut 16:9 by default, but will cut other aspects by request, so let us know Cool

Attached Files
.png   16:9-xonotic-solarium.png (Size: 46.33 KB / Downloads: 5)
.png   16:9-xonotic-the-yard.png (Size: 32.05 KB / Downloads: 5)
.png   16:9-xonotic-dmp14-q3.png (Size: 38.07 KB / Downloads: 5)
.png   16:9-xonotic-above.png (Size: 34.68 KB / Downloads: 5)
.png   16:9-xonotic-above-full.png (Size: 28.57 KB / Downloads: 5)

it has now been just over 2 years since tiny neon lights started blinking in a cold room in a pennsylvania colo, and hightime was born. and now hightime needs you.

we are currently looking for admins to keep the server warm around the clock. our in situ recruiting efforts are stymied by our schedule, which allows us to be around when darkness falls in otherwise sunny california, between 9 and 12 or so, with only a few unpredictable exceptions. hopefully, this post will allow us to expand our search beyond the short list of usual suspects (you know who you are!). if you are digging this, please drop by and hang out. forum feedback is also welcome.

here's everything a hightime admin would need to know:

hightime mantra (apply whever in crisis)

 if you choose to do nothing, you are doing your job.

hightime code (apply all the time)

responsibilities: none
powers: rcon
never stiffle free expression,
which includes statements of offensive
and politically incorrect opinions,
among other things.
never be rude
(which is not the same as being offensive).
never share ips or any other private gamer info
with anyone except for the hightime management,
to the extent the law permits.
never kick or ban people or bots for any reason
other than causing server instability.

admin guide (apply when pigs fly)

this is a collection of administration tips for those who actually decide to be productive (why??)

status shows gamers, ips, and ids

tell can be used to whisper to a specific id

quit kills the xonotic server, and is the preferred way to fix stability issues such as server lag. the os will cold boot xonotic server after several seconds, so it works like a restart, but more thorough.

lsmaps shows loaded maps

changelevel is a neat way of switching to a specific map without causing gamers to drop out

seta will change and archive the settings, and the changes will persist through reboots. using it is ill-advised: only the management can one-click restore screwed-up settings to git values.

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