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Admins, urge your user to upgrade

Game server admins,

Since there are some new maps in 0.8.1, if your players still run 0.8, they will see blank maps for atelier, finalrage, and warfare. Please urge your users to upgrade.

Here's what's in my server.cfg. If one of those map is chosen, it'll say something like this:
The map warfare is only included in Xonotic 0.8.1, so be sure you are running the latest version. Otherwise, you may see a blank map.

The first two parts are taken from BlaXpirit's wonderful tricks. The last part compares the map name to the constants and spit out the warning if there's a match.

// conditional
alias bx_noop ""
set bx_if_var_ ""
alias bx_if "bx_if_var_ ${1}; toggle bx_if_var_; alias bx_if_action0_ ${2-}; alias bx_if_action1_ bx_noop; bx_if_do_"
alias bx_if_do_ "bx_if_action${bx_if_var_}_"

// hash-based comparison
alias bx_if_eq "rpn /bx_if_eq_var1_ \"/${1}\" /SHA256 digest =; rpn /bx_if_eq_var2_ \"/${2}\" /SHA256 digest =; alias bx_if_eq_action_ ${3- q}; bx_if_eq_step2_"
alias bx_if_eq_step2_ "set bx_if_eq_resultvar_ \"bx_if_eq_var_${bx_if_eq_var1_}_\"; set bx_if_eq_var_${bx_if_eq_var1_}_ 0; set bx_if_eq_var_${bx_if_eq_var2_}_ 1; bx_if_eq_step3_"
alias bx_if_eq_step3_ "bx_if ${$bx_if_eq_resultvar_} bx_if_eq_action_"

alias bx_if_not_eq "rpn /bx_if_not_eq_var1_ \"/${1}\" /SHA256 digest =; rpn /bx_if_not_eq_var2_ \"/${2}\" /SHA256 digest =; alias bx_if_not_eq_action_ ${3- q}; bx_if_not_eq_step2_"
alias bx_if_not_eq_step2_ "set bx_if_not_eq_resultvar_ \"bx_if_not_eq_var_${bx_if_not_eq_var1_}_\"; set bx_if_not_eq_var_${bx_if_not_eq_var1_}_ 1; set bx_if_not_eq_var_${bx_if_not_eq_var2_}_ 0; bx_if_not_eq_step3_"
alias bx_if_not_eq_step3_ "bx_if ${$bx_if_not_eq_resultvar_} bx_if_not_eq_action_"

// hooks for game start and game end
alias sv_hook_gamestart_all "echo Map: ${sv_worldbasename}; _check081Maps"
alias _check081Maps "bx_if_eq ${sv_worldbasename} finalrage _showUpgradeWarning; bx_if_eq ${sv_worldbasename} warfare _showUpgradeWarning; bx_if_eq ${sv_worldbasename} atelier _showUpgradeWarning"
alias _showUpgradeWarning "say The map ${sv_worldbasename} is only included in Xonotic 0.8.1, so be sure you are running the latest version. Otherwise, you may see a blank map."

alias sv_hook_gameend "say ^xfffGame over. Thanks for playing! Remember, ^xEC0Kansas server has Friday Is For Fragging every Friday around 11pm UTC (7pm EST, 6pm CST). Highly skilled players will be there to help you play better! ^xfffSee the for more details. Go there! We'll be closed down during that time to support it."

Better recommend them not to use the updater but rather download 0.8.1 off

Lots of people (myself included) had problems with it Xon when I choose to update like that.
[Image: 38443.png]

Wait, what? We should fix the problems w/ the updater if that's the case. The update-to-release script is really the preferred way to go since you only download the stuff that has changed.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Update-to-release doesn't remove copies of warfare, finalrage or atelier that you have on your config directory. In some cases you might have a conflict of map versions, seeing the version of the map that you have on your config dir. while it's actually another version running on the server.

Antibody, is there a way for the update-to-release script to compare the checksums of the map files in question?

I don't think the updater script should be allowed to modify/remove files in the user's configuration directory, opens up too many potential issues...
[Image: 230.png]

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