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Created simple map with _skybox and for some reason it leaks???


The line always point to the platform in the middle of the level (was getting Backwards tree volume otherwise) and both skybox and platform are inside "real" box. It really looks like it leaks to the inside.

If you did some mapping for the Source Engine (Hammer editor) completely forget about it when creating maps for Xonotic (or any other Quake-like game).
  • "nodraw" is not the default shader you should use. "caulk" is probably what you want to use when building up things.
  • The skybox entity is something completely different. You don´t use it for the actual skybox. The skybox is simply a shader which you apply at those brushes where sky should be visible.
  • Never use the "hollow" tool unless you know how to fix the mess it creates.

Have a look at this simple map: Simple map I think just looking at how things are done correctly is more useful than explaining something (which I´m not good at anyway).

Add the sky texture to the outer cube and it'll fix it. I guess when a brush has a nodraw its not rendered so the map is leaking.
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