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[CTF/DM] Gasoline

What started out as a test for 3 team CTF, I present to you all gasoline!
Included are 4 maps, each modified to handle a different amount of teams:

gasoline_v3r1 (standard 2 teams):
[Image: 7mlRz2ol.jpg]

gasoline_3teams_v3r1 (3 teams):
[Image: OFRS77Pl.jpg]

gasoline_4teams_v3r1 (4 teams):
This one has a unique twist: Whenever you pass through the central area, the bases change randomly to one of the 4 teams!
[Image: l1j4hUXl.jpg]
[Image: 947YDC8l.jpg]

gasoline_noteams_v3r1 (Standard deathmatch)
The collection wouldn't be complete without a remake for regular deathmatch!
[Image: LqmPElVl.jpg]

This was based on the old (Nexuiz) remake of gasolinepowered, as the space-elevator (the Xonotic version) is simply too complicated in structure.

Current version is Version 3 Release 1:


For posterity, here are older version(s) of the map:
[Image: 230.png]

I love the 3 base illuminati design! It could possibly spin in the space. O_o

Spin? Oh please do. That'll be fun!

I like it. Though, I was expecting that you need to capture both flags at the same time. Might be extreme, but keeps the focus on the flags and not on the one player taking them.
Or what if there was one flag in the middle of the map and teams would have to fight for it.

Also the old school laser-jump-pads are great.
One problem is that the way towards the flags is the easiest one, the rest of the map is kinda cluttered.
The 4-team one just hurt my brain. :-)

I've released an update to the map, the original post has the new download link!

Numerous issues have been fixed and some additions made (such as fans on the no team and 3 team versions of the map), along with some fixes to the 4 team version to be less... glitchy. The 3 team version also contains a Devastator instead of the Vortex in the middle, as this plays better now that one way clips don't work.
The download is a bit larger this time around, as it would seem the original version was accidentally compiled as a test build, whoops!
[Image: 230.png]

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