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[SOLVED] Audio messed up

In the settings, I turned music down to 0.8, and then I wanted to restore it, but the changes wouldn't save even after I pressed apply immediately. I fumbled with all the other audio settings to see if anything would change, and now my game doesn't have any sound. Can anyone tell me how to reset settings? Is there a console command? Thanks!
[Image: 5365.png]
[Image: 126092.png]

I ran the autoupdater to latest autobuild, and now I can change my music volume, but all the other game sounds like switching, pain, and shooting I still can't hear
[Image: 5365.png]
[Image: 126092.png]

One manual way to restore all the sound options would be to go through your config.cfg (can be found by typing "which config.cfg" in game console without quotes), and remove anything starting with snd_
[Image: 230.png]

ah, got it thanks!
[Image: 5365.png]
[Image: 126092.png]

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