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What about a Knife or Fist in game? We have hands in game why can't we use them, and speaking of knifes how about a knife like this?


.jpg   71PVDZvXoFL._SX450_.jpg (Size: 31.68 KB / Downloads: 86)

.jpg   Energy-sword.jpg (Size: 17.89 KB / Downloads: 86)


We actually don't have hands in the game, not in the first person view at least. Also we got shotgun slap for melee attacks, there's no need to make another version of that.

No knifes please. That would be very violent.
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I guess this doesn't count as knives:

On a more serious note, off-hand melee would be kinda nice, though probably not very useful.
[Image: 230.png]

I'd also prefer that we finish the weapons we have before introducing more.
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Maybee add bayonets to Nex And Rifle?
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No, I don't think that the knife will be so fun, 'cause we just have the shotgun with melee attack as Smilecythe sayd Smile. Than, there'll be another negative point, 'cause Serious Sam just got the knife, Counter Strike even got the knife, so this idea is so used Confused, that I think it won't be so original by putting it in the game !!!
[Image: 69200.png]

What about Fist? We have hands!

There are no first person hand models so far (nor really the need, and those are quite difficult to do nicely).

However if there were ever such, this would probably be a cool model for a melee weapon:

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