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Spawn system

1. Delay your spawn
2. Don't play Aerowalk/Stormkeep
3. Don't play against Cirruz (spawn killing isn't the reason why you lose)

1, yeah but he also delays Big Grin man he waits till I spawn, sooner or later, doesn't matter much.
2, it's not only these 2 maps, it's all maps, those 2 are just worst for spawn.
3, I know I wouldn't win otherwise but It wouldn't be 40:5 but maybe 20:5, because 20 kills are spawn kills.

I just wanna play a game where I can face him without this spawn killing.. where I can show my skill Big Grin
but ok game is game, game is hard! and stronk.

Delaying spawn often helps me versus opponents that tends to do a series of 4-5 spawn-frags in a row. I would also suggest you stop playing cirruz on aerowalk if you get so angry :-)
[Image: 65153.png]

(03-04-2016, 04:15 PM)Champion_The Wrote: I would contribute for sure but I don't do C programming, I'm a Rails developer.

How can I feel when cirruz beats me over and over on spawn kills that hurts so much, palm face!

U r stupid furniture maker not developer.

... always I read such kind of thread here it remember me of same discussions on good old nexuiz.
The solution of the problem was the TTS mode spawnshield - but no dev of xon seems to be interessted to adapt Undecided

GreetZ Su

Looked at the code for that... It appears to just not give you any points for killing if you either have a spawn shield or are already dead.

I think this is a bit of a pointless hack, given you lose your spawn shield after shooting, and when you've freshly spawned, you're not going to have any effective weapons to get easy kills with before the first shot (unless the enemy is close enough for a shotgun slap, which is quite rare when spawning).

Spawn shield isn't actually an issue, especially given it's disabled in duel (because shooting and killing the enemy before they have a chance to do anything is "fair" etc), but the spawn system can only do so much when the most popular map has less than 5 spawn points.
[Image: 230.png]

I think 0.5 spawnfurthest and Mario's hack where you don't spawn in the same place twice is refreshing to play and as fair as it gets.
[Image: 38443.png]

(05-25-2016, 12:40 PM)-maniac|Su- Wrote: The solution of the problem was the TTS mode spawnshield - but no dev of xon seems to be interessted to adapt Undecided
Didn't feel like a solution to me. I remember several occasions where I'm getting a 15+ kill spree on Soylent and yet I still had like 3 points in scoreboard. It's frustrating when you have to slow your pace down, just because of that annoying defeatist mentality people have with regarding spawn killing. Especially in a mode that emphasizes primarily on aim and speed.

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