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Add alternate keybind for nades
7 46.67%
Don't add alternate keybind for nades
1 6.67%
Add nades to mutators area
7 46.67%
Don't add nades to mutators area
0 0%
Total 15 vote(s) 100%
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No alternate keybind for nades?
I want to test the nade in "eggandbacon",
and guess what?
I can't use it when there's hook in the map
Please add an alternate keybind for nades
And add nades to mutator area (where there is weapon mitators, off-hand hook, etc.)
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Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
UTC +7

Aaand guess what? dropweapon also tosses nades... Not really consistent.

Grenades are a mod of Overkill and SMB Servers they aren't part of the game it also replaces drop key.

Nades are a part of the game, along with Overkill. There used to be a special key, but I believe it was removed due to its inconsistent usability.
Adding a new key for it is on the ever-growing TODO list.
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Hello, couldn't a short term solution be renaming Drop weapon to some thing like "Drop weapon / Throw nade"? In overkill we have a lot of people who ask how to throw them. Also it's used to switch 1st/3rd person in vehicles which is something very hard to discover. The 3rd person view key (which sounds like the perfect choice for this) didn't work if i remember correctly.
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If the weapons cannot be dropped, the drop weapon key also toss a nade. I know
But how if the weapons can be dropped and I enable off-hand hook? Can I still toss nades?

And when you're in a vehicle, the drop weapon button still drops the last weapon that you brought
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Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
UTC +7

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