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[RESOLVED] How to make people admin?

How do I make people admin or make them not admin.

Ah, just got your PM.

Admins are those who know your password. You can have two levels of admins:

Those who know rcon_password can run any command.

Those who know rcon_restricted can run anything listed under "rcon_restricted_commands".

So to make a rcon password you use rcon_password and type the password? And to login you use rcon?

Yes. In your server.cfg (or whatever config file you use on your server):

rcon_password "abcde"
rcon_restrcited_password "12345"
rcon_restricted_commands "endmatch restart"

Then in your client console, you can type:

rcon_password "12345"
rcon restart

Notice it's the restricted password, so you can only execute those two assigned commands. If you use the other password, you can run any command.

Ohh thanks BuddyFriendGuy Smile

And how to make people not admin anymore? Last thing.

(04-30-2016, 11:58 PM)Beagle Wrote: And how to make people not admin anymore? Last thing.

Change the password
[Image: 38443.png]

Alright thanks SPLAT.

rcon also allows different user password
rcon_password "user1:pass1 user2:pass2"
rcon_resctricted_password "user3:pass3 user4:pass4"

This means you can setup passwords per user (rcon) and remove their account if required.
This way you do not have to redistribute the new password everytime you change it.
Furthermore there is the option of master accounts via "sv_vote_master_password"

sv_vote_master_password pass10
// and clientside
vlogin pass10
vdo endmatch

While rcon commands are hidden the commands executed by master are visible

* Beagle logged in as master
* Beagle used their master status to do "endmatch".


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